Pann su Wai Guest House Mawlamyine

Mawlamyine guest house Pann su Wai

The Hotel Queen Jamadevi offers accommodation in Mawlamyine. Mawlamyine Lin Yaung Chi Guest House offers rooms. Mawlamyine Picture, Pann Su Wai Guest House: The Pann Su Wai Guesthouse offers accommodation in Mawlamyine. The Pann Su Wai Guest House is in Myanmar, Mon, Mawlamyine.

Guesthouse Pann Su Wai Rd, 333A Lower Main, Mawlamyine

When Breeze is Khao San Grunge around the early 90s, then Pann Su Wai would be an update in the end of the 90s. There is a tense twin ventilator coming in at $15, but for $5 more you can get a roomier A/C room with your own bedroom, private showers and refrigerator. We also have inexpensive triple rooms with bath and A/C.

The Pann Su Wai Guesthouse is nothing special, but a good place for backpacker tourists. SunFanShare bathrooms, low season: US$10, high rate US$10. The Dbl fanshare bathrooms, low season: US$15, high rate US$15. Notes: New Dbl en-suite A/C, low season: US$20, high rate US$20. Separate en-suite bathrooms with three times A/C, low season:

US, high rate US.

Mawlamyine' s best guesthouse - Pann Su Wai Guest House

Mawlamyine should be on your schedule if you are going to Burma. Playing your hands well, you don't have to be at the Breeze Guest House. Since Lonely Planet is the tourism scripture out here, you'll think that the Breeze Guest House is the hostels' beebone.

We had a terrible room at the Breeze Guest House. So we had to get out of the worse guesthouse in Mawlamyine and take the road to find a new place that wasn't in any guidebook or on-line. After stumbling over the Pann Su Wai Guest House we checked in for the next few nights.

It is only a few month old and will not appear anywhere in the next few years until Lonely Planet decides to deploy someone to up-date it. I' m hoping to cross more of it as soon as we begin just to the north of Mawlamyine. Guest house Pann Su Wai, Mawlamyine - 333 Lower Main Rd, Mawlamyine.

Mawlamyine, Myanmar (7 guest reviews). Booking the Pann Su Wai Guesthouse

Every room in this guesthouse is air-conditioned and has a TV. Each room has its own en-suite bath with showers. The Pann Su Wai Guesthouse provides lodging in Mawlamyine. In the guesthouse you can also rent bicycles. There is a 24-hour reception on the premises.

There is a mini-bar, Sat-TV and A/C. Wi-Fi is available in all rooms free of charge. There''s no room for additional bed.

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