Pann su Wai Guest House

Sou Wai Guest House

The Pann Su Wai Guest House: Unity Guest House ("Burmese Only") welcomes only Burmese guests and offers accommodation in Mawlamyine. The Pann Su Wai Guesthouse offers accommodation in Mawlamyine. In the guesthouse you can also rent bicycles. Accommodation at Pann Su Wai Guesthouse in Mawlamyine.

The best guest house in the city!! - Revisitation by Pann Su Wai Guest House, Mawlamyine

The room was really beautiful, en-suite, AC and even a TV (which I didn't need) - also has a refrigerator. There is no website or e-mail, so I would suggest you call in advance to make a reservation and get someone to take the name in Burmese and show it to the cabbie.

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Myanmar (Burma) Lonely Planet is your pass to the most important and up to date advices on what to see and what to jump over and what to expect undercover. Enchant yourself with the Yangon Buddha style architectural style, discover Bagan's astonishing level of antique temple or walk to the Inle Lake swimming garden and market; all with your familiar itinerary.

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Burma and I: DAY 36

And now for my last days in Myanmar: It was a big boost over the hills and into Thailand. To leave Myanmar was very effective, objective and without any problems..... I began my days at 4.30am and shortly after 5am I was up and down from the beautiful Pann Su Wai Guest House in Mawlamyine.

I' had a good writing record of the itinerary in the Myanmar tongue and had practised the debate so that many stops, questions and shows did the gaff. It' s quite hard to describe the enthusiasm when one selects the street in the dark against the background of squawks and birdsong from the jungles by bike, the star and the sun in clear skies.... especially when the surfaces are slick!

Crossing the great East-West Gyaing River, I wound up in a familyshop in Tsar Ta Pyin. It was going to be a bit more difficult - it was still getting a little bit dim and I had to catch the sun. He carefully designed a drawing of all the place nicknames in the Myanmarese.

It would take many mile from the longer eastward journey to the hills and the "normal" Hpa An itinerary. An unpaved dirt track with only occasional asphalt eruptions..... the crushed surfaces cause more trouble than help..... On my way I saw the sundown crawling over the paddy field and a beautiful dawn throwing onto the dirtstreet.

At 10 o'clock in the morning I broke the back of my bike when I entered the city of Kyondoe - my goal for the whole afternoon was a city named Kawkareik, which was only another 15 leagues eastwards at the bottom of the city. It was the tenth and it took me an'odd' date (tomorrow) to use the alternative one-way system that winds across the'old road' through the mountain to the Thai frontier.

  • insured me I could take the'new road' through the hills to Myawaddy. It is part of the ASEAN motorway system and it is a vast street being blown up, formed and built through the jungles to the Thai frontier. Kawkareik itself, where I was informed that only motorcycles and bikes could use the dirt track after lunch.

After I was back on the sea, I went on the'new road' with true confidence. Twenty-five mile up and down can't be so terrible.... even in the sun. It' not the best start - one is taken to the side roads of Kawkareik and the natives are the most adversarial and non-communicative I have met in Myanmar.

Lastly - after walking down in the sands and crossing a dangerously rough pedestrian overpass, which (while cycling) was shaking hard, I speeded the Surly up a precipitous dam and at right angles.... onto the "new road". It began with sludge and rocks for several leagues.... but a lot of space for dodging and weaving.

Then, in a furrowed subbase before the last 8-10 nautical mile were the final articles. Even if this is not the old curvy street to the mountain passes, it is anything but simple, especially in the sun. As the' new road' fell down to hit the old one, I came across two unsettling events about 10 leagues south of Myawaddy.....

The second case, he came from across the street. I' ve modified my Myanmar funds on Myanmar's page..... and kept some records for later use. Myanmar lmmigration quickly took me to an adjoining room, they were quite kind to this kind of population. Over the Friendship Brigde to Thailand, I halfway exchanged sides of the street.

It was a tailwind for the few leagues to Mae Sot. There was always the feeling of a new beginning, a new beginning, a change, cross a boundary............ that was a bit annoying - high above the Ataran River (a creek of the powerful Gyaing River) - a long metallic lamella link in deep blacks.

Quite sure this brought me from Mon State to Kayin State. my stop next to the store in Zar Ta Pyin (on the northern side of the Gyaing River) until it got light! Shopkeeper made me a really useful circuit diagram - kept me on the right way through Kayin State.....

I would drive through a row of toll plains eastwards of the Gyaing River at dawn some of the footbridges were a little challenge.... all Myanmar's natives raise funds for communal causes - they are usually at the ends of the pagoda roads.

I am driving through the side roads of a mystic city called Kawkareik..... It was a relief to see the'new road' - the area was the poorest of the whole bike tour. So my voyage on the'new road' began.... no wonder that only bicycles were permitted! better with a basis for another 10 mile or so........ with the last 10 mile or so perfectly black-top.

Myanmar was not recorded for the last time. Burma will probably be the most adventure country, so don't misunderstand if people want to unsubscribe!

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