A Hindu first name common in India and Nepal. A Ghazal singer from India. I' m Pankaj, head of department. Phankaj Vaish is GM and VP of Solutions Delivery, responsible for the excellence of the provision and management of Big Data Content Lifecycle Management in India. The Pankaj Bansal M.

D. is a hospital doctor who treats patients at the Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

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A Hindu first name used in India and Nepal. She has her origins in the Sanskrit term www.sanskrit, which means lotsus flowers. It is a combination of pa?ka'mud' and the suffix -yes'born of, waxing in'[1] The associated symbols are that of the lotus, which is blossoming and blossoming in the sludge after it was created from it.

It is also the native of India and a symbolic of Buddhist teachings (cf. Nalanda). Pankai Choudhary, an political figure from India. Pankai Kapur, a Bollywood actress.


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