The State Counsellor is optimistic about the prospects for the Panglong Conference. Does Aung San Lead have in Panglong - or Follow? "Right on time for #Panglong, my last gig...

." The Panglong Map Are you looking for the map of Panglong? A meeting is taking place in the historic city of Panglong these days, which is the key to the peace process in Myanmar.

The Panglong Agreement.2 C_1947" >Die Panglong-Vereinbarung, 1947[edit]>>

Panglong (Burmese: ??????????????[p??? ?? sà d?o??]) was signed on February 12, 1947 between the Myanmar authorities under Aung San and the Shan, Kachin and Chin people. The Panglong Conference, which was held in 1947 with General Aung San and other religious and ethnical leadership, was attended by Aung Zan Wai, Pe Khin, Bo Hmu Aung, Sir Maung Gyi, Dr Sein Mya Maung, Myoma U Than Kywe.

As a matter of principal, the memorandum of understanding agreed to "full independence in the administrative management of the border areas" and provided for the Constituent Assembly to create a Kachin State. Continuing funding ties between Shan states and the Burma federation, it provided for similar agreements for the Kachin Hills and Chin Hills.

The text of the agreement which the Shan, Kachin and Chin chiefs and Burma's Governor's Executive Council ratified in Panglong on 12 February 1947. In Panglong, a meeting in which some members of the Governor of Burma's Executive Council, all Saohpas and Shan State and Kachin Mountains and Chin Mountains officials took part, convinced that their direct cooperation with the transitional government of Burma would speed up the achievement of liberty for the Shans, Kachin and Chin, have accordingly and without contradictions united: "We have been very pleased to see that the Shan, the Kachin and the Chin have been able to reach the following agreement:

A mountain people delegate chosen by the Governor on the advice of the Supreme Council of the United Mountain People shall be nominated as adviser to the Governor for the border areas. II. The said adviser shall also be a member of the Governor's Executive Board without remit and the issue of border areas falling within the competence of the Executive Board by the Constitution, as in the case of defence and external relations.

In a similar way, the adviser for border areas is given the power of execution. The abovementioned adviser shall be supported by two deputy advisers who represent breeds of which he is not a member. Whereas the two deputy members of the Council should first address the matters of the territories concerned and the Council member all other parts of the border areas, they should act on the basis of the shared responsibilities of the Constitutional Convention.

While the Counsellor, in his role as a member of the Executive Council, is the sole member of the Council representing the border areas, the Deputy Counsellor(s) shall be authorised to participate in Council sessions when issues relating to border areas are being considered. Although the Governor's Executive Board will be expanded as previously arranged, it will not be active in any way with regard to the border areas, which would rob part of these areas of the independence it now has in the domestic management.

The full independence in the administrative management of the border areas is generally acceptable. While the issue of the demarcation and establishment of a Kachin state within a united Burma is a matter to be decided by the Constituent Assembly, there is agreement that such a state is desired.

To this end, the Counsellor for Frontier Areas and the Deputy Counsellors will be contacted to administer such areas in Myitkyina and the Bhamo District as part 2 Scheduled Areas under the Government of Burma Act of 1935. Border area citizens shall be entitled to prerogatives and freedoms which are considered essential in democracies.

The agreements made in this Agreement shall not affect the Federated Shan States' economic independence. The provisions of this Agreement do not affect the funding due to Kachin Hills and Chin Hills from Burma's revenue and the Executive Council will consider with the Border Area Council(s) the possibility of making similar funding agreements for Kachin Hills and Chin Hills as between Burma and the Federated Shan States.

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