Pandemico (feminine singular pandemic, masculine plural pandemici, feminine plural pandemiche). The official Collins Italian-English dictionary online. View binding translations from Pandemico to English with audio pronunciation. Do you have to translate "pandemico" from Italian? On this page you will find the official rules for "Pandemic Dragon".

German interpretation

"Skyler's disease." Virus. He says many individuals and agencies seem to associate the advent of A/H5N1 in Europe with the advent of a possible outbreak of a devastating plague'. machissibile da un Essere Umbano All' Altro. One of the greatest dangers is that the killing bug mutates into a human-to-human outbreak.

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The H5N1 con polio con polio semi-pomplici mutazioni potkrebbe pandemico The H5N1 viral could become infectious with a few mammograms. It will then gather information on the security and efficacy of the definitive epidemic and present it to the Health and Human Services Protocol for assessment.

The flu epidemic inoculant should be used in accordance with the official guidelines (see paragraphs 4.2 and 5.1). Adverse post-market monitoring events with the epidemic vaccine: not relevant.

Whole viral for flu epidemic vector, deactivated, with Pandemia Stem antigen*:Whole viral vector, deactivated with Pandemia Stem antigen*:

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