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Cruises Pandaw Burma

The Pandaw River Expedition is not like a cruise on the sea. It' also a way for our passengers to thank Burma for so many enriching experiences. The Pandaw Cruises offers comfortable cruises on the Mekong between Saigon and Siem Reap. The Mekong Delta; Irrawaddy Burma;

Red River and Halong Bay, Vietnam. The Pandaw Myammar (myanamar)- offer many luxury cruises on the Irrawaddy River.

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As all Pandaw vessels are specially designed for cruises on rivers, the promenades are an important part of improving the customer to the full. The dishes are often cooked with delicious biological products, cooked by cooks familiar with the area. The price includes every day land excursion and all food. Travellers can rent iPads.

Due to the extravagant routes the satellites are spotted, so the booths have no TV. The ships have auditoriums, library, spa equipment, stores, live entertainments, film shows, fitness studios and a tradition salon. Passenger ages depend on a number of different parameters such as route and vessel. The Pandaw company specialises in routes with isolated, hard-to-reach places.

The Pandaws operate four vessels on three, four, seven and ten-day Mekong routes between Saigon and Siem Reap/Angkor: Angkor Pandaw RV (32 passengers), Mekong Pandaw RV (48 passengers), Tonle Pandaw RV (56 passengers) and Bassac Pandaw RV (60 passengers). The Irrawaddy and Chindwin River are used by seven boats for one, two, seven, ten, 14 and 20 nights:

Kalay Pandaw RY (10 people), Katha Pandaw RV (32 people), Kalaw Pandaw RV (40 people), Kindat Pandaw RV (40 people), Pandaw 2 RV (48 people, Orient Pandaw RV (60 people) and Indochina Pandaw RV (60 people). Each year Pandaw also charter a number of its ships to US and EU specialist crews.

Pandawa runs cruises on the Irrawaddy River and the Mekong River through Vietnam and Cambodia. The Pandaw company specialises in routes to secluded, hard-to-reach places, and includes day-to-day land outings.

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Luxurious Irrawaddy cruises through Myanmar on board one of the Pandaw Cruises boutiques. The Irrawaddy Riviera in Burma with Pandaw Cruises is one of the most relaxed ways to spend a cruising vacation in Myanmar. Select from a variety of Burma River Holidays, from short 7-day pandaw cruises between Bagan and Mandalay, to 21-day Burma River Cruises that are more "expeditionary" in the outdoors.

Accommodation in Yangon. Including breakfast. Accommodation in Yangon. Including breakfast. Accommodation on ship. Breakfast, lunch and dinner inclusive. Accommodation on ship. Breakfast, lunch and dinner inclusive. Accommodation on ship. Breakfast, lunch and dinner inclusive. Accommodation on ship. Breakfast, lunch and dinner inclusive. Accommodation on ship. Breakfast, lunch and dinner inclusive. After lunch, head to Amarapura, the former Myanmar capitol, and take a cruise on Taungthaman Sea and watch the sun set behind the world's longest wooden deck - the U Bein Brug.

Accommodation on the boat. Lunch, dinner and breakfasts inclusive. In the afternoons, visit the castle and its surroundings, handicrafts and shops in the centre of Mandalay. Accommodation on the boat. Lunch, dinner and breakfasts inclusive. Departure to the UK for your homeward journey or to your next stop after having arrived on time.

Including breakfast. Living on deck of a freshwater catamaran is very different from sailing on a seaboat. It' s much more casual, without "Captain's Table" or disguise for supper. In contrast to the tour, all trips and most other things are inclusive, such as beverages and gratuities for the team.

Boasting one member of the flight attendant for every two people, the level of services on the boat is unbelievably high and very high. Aboard a Pandaw River Cruise you will be very laid-back - without useless and tedious messages and without annoying TVs from the adjacent booths. All of the staterooms open onto a socially welcoming boardwalk and create a very laid-back and socially responsible atmoshere.

Some of the best things about a Pandaw River cruise is the amount of room onboard said to be the highest per person of any sea or cruiser in the class. Earlier known as Rangoon, Yangon is the biggest town in Myanmar and home to one of the most beautiful temple in the Far East, the completely enchanting Shwedagon Pagoda.

The majority of Myanmar travelers stay at least oneight in Yangon, as it is the most important of all the world' s gates. The Pandaw Cruises stops in Yandabo to attend the Pandaw School, which was constructed with contributions from former Pandaw travelers, and to see Yandobo potters, the major industrial center. Between 1300 and the last move to Amarapura in 1837, Ava was Burma's temporary city.

Now the area lies under arable land and a horse-drawn carriage drive through the rice paddies from memorial to memorial gives a pleasurable insight into Iberia. Mandalay, the former Burmese capitol, is a must on any trip through Burma. Mandalay has many intriguing sites around it, such as the imposing cliffs of Mingun, scenic sagaing cloisters and the former royal towns of Ava and Amarapura.

andalay is also the best place in Myanmar to buy handicrafts. Ever crossed with Pandaw? The Pandaw has recently launched specific runs exclusively for Pandaw Club members. Give us a call now to talk to a Burma River Cruise professional about your tailor-made Burma Cruise vacation. We are open every day from 9am to 9am and our 0333 number is a unique tariff number that is part of most call packets.

Pandaw River Cruise - Superior 9 nights: Dependent on the scheduled intercontinental connections, it is possible to make a stop in Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong to complete your vacation with a brief sojourn. A lot of folks decide to prolong their journey with a longer stretch of beaches in Burma on Ngapali Beaches, an inconspicuous seaside town just a few minutes from Yangon.

Can you prolong your boat trip in a seaside town? Prolong your Pandaw Irrawaddy trip with 3 or 4 overnight stays at Inle Lake.

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