Pan African Youth Union

Pan-African Youth Union

Francine MUYUMBA, President of the Pan-African Youth Union, received in au. Pan-African Youth Union (PYU) is the top body for national youth coordination bodies and mechanisms in Africa. Pan-African Youth Union, Khartoum (Khartoum, Sudan). Pan-African Youth Union (UPJ/PYU) is the coordinating body for youth organisations in national, regional and continental Africa.

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Pan-African Youth Union (PYU) is the top organization for national youth coordination bodies and mechanisms in Africa. Formerly known as the Pan-African Youth Movement (PYM), it was converted into the PYU at the organization's 2003 convention in Windhoek, Namibia. The organization, headquartered in Khartoum, Sudan, was founded on April 26, 1962 in Conakry, the capitol of the Republic of Guinea, at the insistence of the then African heads of state and government, who wanted to establish a forum to win over African youth to the cause of African emancipation.

It consists of a Congress, an Executive Committee, a Secretariat, regional bodies and specialist committees selected (every three years) from the 53 African member states of the African Union. South Africa, President: General Secretary - Mali: Vice-President - Egypt: Under-Secretary General - Libya: Vice-President - Senegal:

Under-Secretary General - Nigeria: Vice-President - Gabon: Under-Secretary General - Gabon: Vice-President - Eritrea: Under-Secretary General - Southern Sudan: Vice-President - Namibia: Vice-Secretary-General - Zimbabwe: The organisation is the most important youth organisation on the African Union and has a specific statute within the African Union (AU) and is regularly consulted by its Assembly of Heads of State and Government, the Executive Council and the permanent AU meetings such as Health, Youth, Immigration, Education and Gender on youth issues.

PYU is a founder member of the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations (ICMYO) and the Global Co-operation Co-ordinating Committee (GCCC).

Declaration of the African Union on the election of the Pan-African Youth Union (PYU)

January 19, 2018, Addis Ababa - The Commission of the African Union has taken note of the results of the new Executive Committee of the Pan-African Youth Union (PYU) elected during the Congress in Khartoum Sudan on December 19-21, 2017. It has also taken note of the responses of the various youth organisations and youngsters, which PYU allegedly sent to represent them in the electoral process.

cThe Commission would like to draw the attention of the general population to the fact that the Commissioner for Human Resources, Science and Technology, at the request of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Sudan, has only taken part in an event organised by the Sudanese authorities and not in PYU meetings or election. Sudan's AU liaison office only participated in Sudan as an observers' meeting.

Observers shall have neither a voice nor a say in the discussions of congress nor in the polls. Only 29 of the 55 AU Member States were present at the conference. Ten of the 29 Member States present were boycotting the poll for alleged fraud.

A number of organisations petitioned the suitability of the presented nominees and the failure to observe due procedure during the elections. Consequently, the AUC reaffirms its complete decoupling from the PYU and that it does not recognise the Chair. The AU is basically about good practice and good government.

AUC does not identify or endorse any flawed practices or rulings that might interfere with these policies. Against this background, the Commission would like to draw the attention of the general population to the fact that the present Executive Committee is not recognised by the Commission of the African Union. Continuing to call for an ideal of government democracy throughout Africa, we recognise the need to anchor this in our youth and will not endorse a trial that erodes mature trials.

Lastly, the Commission would like to communicate to youth organisations and young individuals that, while safeguarding the place of the Pan-African Youth Union (PYU) and the National Youth Councils, the AU will maintain its cooperation with young Europeans, regardless of their continental and diasporal affiliation, to make sure that we reach "The Africa We Want".

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