Pakokku Township Map

Pakistan Township Map

The Pakokku Township is a township of the Pakokku district in the Magway Division of Burma. Its main town and administrative centre is Pakokku. Maps of Pakokku, Magway - map, satelite map and map of Magway

It is located at 21.33 north of latitude, 95.1 east and 40 metres above seag. Pakokokku is a large city in Myanmar with about 126,938 people. Pakokku's map allows you to browse securely to, from and through Pakokku. Moreover, the Pakokku satellites allow you to see all the topographical detail around your current position or investigate the roads of Pakokku from home in a virtual tour.

You can use your reconnaissance system to get route description in Pakokku or find a particular place in Pakokku.

Town of Pakokku

The cities and settlements of Pakokku include:[2] Anauktaw, Hmaikbingon, Kandaw, Kin, Lanywa (Lan), Myitche and Shwegyaung (Shwe Chaung). The Pakokku township is limited[3] by: Isagyo Township, Myaing Township, North, Yesagyo Township, Nyaung-U Township, Southeast, Pauk Township, NW. Linked sites are provided by

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Burma - Floods in the community of Pakokku

Flood rains on June 6 and 7 in the Shwe brook in Pakokku township and seven homes from Station No. 3 are being driven away by rainfall, springs said. There are no losses to report, as persons and their possessions are transported in anticipation before the surface saturation. "The precipitation in Pakokku is 1.96 inch and the Shwe brook is elevated.

We' re going to have to move five homes and a church hall," said Myint Saung. According to municipal manager No. 3, a grand total of 19 homes will be resettled, as the current state of the river will be raised until the afternoons of June 7. In a garage, a fixed truck is driven away and the government works really fast to avoid floods.

Citizen associations, firemen and police help with the relocation of homes and the relief and resettlement office provides help for tsunami-killers. In October 2011 many homes were driven away in Shwe Brook and more than 100 persons were drownd. Several creepers in the districts of Myaing and Pakokku have been merged to form the Shwe Brook and some embankments in Myaing are being dumped with drainage pipe to avoid bursting of the embankment.

In the township of Pakokku, streets filled with flood waters due to flooding at the end of May, and the local people have the necessary potable and potable drink. An eruption at the Kawtaw embankment in the township temporarily blocked the road between Pakokku and the Yaw and Chin Mountain. Wounded houses:

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