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For the best Pakistani restaurants in London, see TripAdvisor travel reports from Pakistani restaurants in London. The cuisine of Pakistan is rich and spicy and varied. Pakistani cuisine restaurants in London. Locate and book the best Pakistani restaurants in London. Get independent reviews of London's best Pakistani restaurants and receive special offers.

Sallooos Restaurant - The finest Pakistani cuisine in London

The Salloos Restaurant, opened in Lahore in 1966, is one of the oldest and most prestigious Pakistani restaurant in London, located in the centre of Belgravia since 1976. It' a familiar restaurant where you are often welcomed in person by the owner. Condiments can be powerful like cloves of cloves of garlic vs. peppers and chili.

Every meal is individual and perfectly made. The Salloos offer a variety of typical sweets. Kulfi, a Pakistani popsicle.

Cheapest Pakistani Restaurants in London - Reviews & Restaurant Guide

"The awesome flavors of genuine Pakistani cuisine" can be found in this simple BYO cafe, opposite Olympia..... "After all these years (despite the various changes in equipment and clientele) this "cheap and no-nonsense" whitechapel dives is a myth for his "amazing curries" and leg of leg meat and - "despite a swath of rivals now" - for the supporters "he's still the winner".....

However, the "cave" on the upper floor has "the whole atmosphere of a cafeteria for schools, which is let to a deer hunter" - "if you get a desk below, it is a little quieter". Streatham's comrade gives little response, but is just as optimistic: "Fantastic, crisp food - more effective and courteous services - and more beautiful than the airplane hanger E1".

"Divine Pakistani Food" has kept up the appeal of this timed (and ever-expensive ) vet hiding in a Belgravia me ze's event location for years. First-rate tip - classical steaks of mutton. "Great tastes at very low prices" make the trip to the " no-nonsense " Pakistani cafeteria in totting, whose BYO policies, "bold and pungent tastes and generously sized portions" are creating "so much value".

For" addictive" Pakistani currys, these" buzzy" southern London BYO cafeterias are established" low-cost and cheerful" masters. However, the audience figures this year were met by the occasional" off" reports. Located directly on Regent Street, a small Brasserie-style restaurant that serves thoroughly professional but rather inconspicuous meals at a price that seems to be blown up by the collaboration with the owner Gordon Ramsay........

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