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One of the biggest Urdu newspapers in Pakistan. Daily newspaper Urdu in Pakistan. Newspaper based in Lahore, Punjab. Urdu language newspaper from Peshawar, Islamabad and Abbottabad. Explore the most comprehensive Pakistani newspaper and media guide on the Internet. | Urdu Newspapers in Pakistan

Pakistan' newspapers, television and radios are open to the public and are becoming more popular from one day to the next. Newspapers, television stations and radioprogrammes have inspired them. Rand Corporation's Christine Fair explains that Pakistani audio-visual resources play an important example in the dissemination of consciousness and information. more.....

During the nineteenth and half twentieth centuries, the Arabian press was not powerful due to a shortage of alphabetization. Between 1839 and 1912, a Jew called Yaacov, who belonged to Egypt, published his first paper with the aim of spreading his own culture. Arabian intellectuals assembled at the American University of Beirut and called for the establishment of the Islamic religious world.

Later other newspapers in Damascus, Haifa, Zionism, Jaffa, etc. more..... lndia has the developing mass medium with the million newspapers and television stations. Newspapers are the biggest paper industry in the whole wide web. It' also the oldest medium. In 1780, the Indian printed press began its work.

Today, an estimated 70,000 newspapers are on sale. India has more than 700 satellites. Bengali Newspapers was the first major paper that James Augustus wrote in 1780. In the course of epoch also other newspapers like The India Gazette, The Madras Gazette, The Bombay Herald, etc. came out.

They say that Bombay Samachar is still the oldest paper in Asia and is produced in Gujarati. more..... Afghan newspapers, audio-visual and TV are generally issued in two different tongues, namely Pashto and Dari. From 1996-2001, the Afghan press was under the control of the Taliban administration.

Siraj ul-Akhbar is the first paper in Afghanistan. Mahmud Tarzi, Chief of Afghani News is the editor. In the meantime many other newspapers work on a small private plane. more........ Newspapers, radios and television stations in the United States serve on a large scale. ΓΏ It' s expanding and many businesses have joined forces to create multi-national networks.

These run according to the regulations of the US government. A number of sectors also have a single market in the press. Most of the US radios are personal and commercially. NPR (National PUBLISH RADIO) is the local broadcaster. In the USA, FM and AM were used for FM-broadcasts.

Satellite-radio is also always a big favour every single mile. Sirius Satellite Radio & XM Satellite Radio are two of the biggest satellite radio stations. Currently, they are merging to form Sirius XM Radio. In early 1970, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) was permitted to grant a licence for FM and AM to a corporation at municipal scale, while 7 AM and FM radio stations at domestic scale were permitted more.....

There is a powerful communications backbone in the UK with a wide range of newspapers, radios and TVs. Some of them cover many different types of region ally and nationally based resources. It is estimated that there are 240 UK newspapers, both locally and territorially. The Daily Mirror and The Sunday Mirror are the best-selling nationwide newspapers more.....

During the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth century, the public authorities curtailed the use of the public service in France. But it developed quickly and today; the printed press publish their footage with freedom according to the regulations of the state. There is currently no such tendency in the printed press in France, and the public is more interested in radio and the web.

Historical evidence shows that newspapers were widely distributed during the 1939-45 era, but when the Second World War ended, there was a total of 28 news outlets selling 6 million newspapers. When we go down in the annals of the Hitler Group' s publications, we learn that Germany was a double track until 1990.

The first paper from the seventeenth c.. In the meantime, 354 dailies have been produced and have gone out of print. Together, all provincial, municipal and supraregional newspapers cover around 1512. Newspapers had a run of about 20. These are BILD, Welt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Tageszeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau, etc.

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