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Headlines Pakistan News

The TOI brings the latest Pakistani headlines, news and live updates. The latest news from Pakistan including crime, politics, cricket and other sports news. The explosion hits Lahore as a wave of terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Pak Pakistan News- Find the latest breaking news and live updates from pakistan. Headlines Ary News, Lahore, Pakistan.

Headlines Pakistan News

Pakistan's opponents, headed by former cricketer Imran Khan, appear to be gathering momentum ahead of the parliamentary elections on 25 July, with a new survey showing that they are ahead of the retiring government and that another is only slightly behind. He was murdered in the war and his grandpa was shot by a dictatorship, but that did not stop Bilawal Bhutto Zardari from finding the work they both held: Pakistan's premier.

After being kidnapped from a canton in the town of Lahore on 5 June, a writer and campaigner from Pakistan says she is afraid for her own survival, an event that provoked widespread indignation and pointed the finger at the mighty army. Pakistan, which was put back on a terrorist finance monitoring register this weekend, swore on Saturday to strengthen the rules and pursue an EU policy to combat terrorist finance and monetization.

On Friday, a Pakistan High Regional Court annulled a ruling excluding departing Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi from his electoral district, another tragic turn before next month's parliamentary election. PAKISTISTAN took a Radical Muslim-Sunnian Muslim leaders off a terrorists roster on Thursday, in a shock torsion that will pave the way for its contenders to compete for next month's choice even as another dislodged leaders Nawaz Sharif pivotal campaign rally.

An American State Department Foreign Office account on Thursday cautioned that the removal of child victims from their family made them easily targeted for people smugglers and raised issues about the Trump administration's policies to separate immigrants' child and parent IUTS. On Thursday, Pope Francis appointed 14 Catholics as members of the Church, thus making another mark on the group that will one of these days choose his heir.

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Samira Sindhu, 28, a pregant female vocalist, was killed at a Pakistanian party, allegedly because she did not want to get up. After convicting a series murderer of eight kids, among them a seven-year-old woman whose violation and assassination sparked an outcry.

A volunteer saved a Himalaya summit with the nickname "Killer Mountain" from a Himalaya summit, but stopped his effort to bring back a Pole mountain man who was pronounced deceased. For years Shakil Afridi has been languishing in prison - since 2011, when the Pakistan iinoculation fraud used by the Pakistan iinoculation physician to help Osama bin Laden locate his house and help the US Navy Seals track down and kill the Al-Qaeda leaders.

Two policemen say that Pakistan' s agencies have detained a man suspected of raping and murdering a seven-year-old woman, which has provoked national protest and indignation at accusations of inactivity by the state. According to the policemen, the man who violated and killed a seven-year-old woman in East Pakistan is a series murderer. An 8-year-old woman's dad, whose assault and assassination shock the country, charged the cops on Thursday with reacting slowly when his little boy disappeared in the Punjab state.

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