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Islamabad calls for increased prosecutions, sentences for coercion, debt bondage and sexuality. Managment reports about their choice to have a photo of Marchor at the stern. Wajid Zia's cousin's attitude was a classical example of cronyism. The banking sector would find itself in a more challenging position than in 2012-15, the banker states.

After the parliamentary election, the courthouse will listen to the former burgomaster of Karachi's appeal. The party thinks that the gubernator could affect the election in favor of PML-N. The FATF announces that Pakistan must put the Blueprint into effect after it has been placed on the "grey list" and has committed itself at a high policy arena to strengthening its counter-terrorism system:

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On Friday, President Donald Trump said he will announce his nominees as the next judge at the US Supreme Court on 9 July, a ruling with serious consequences for the country's continued care. "I' ve narrowered it to about five" contestants, two of them wives, Trump said reporter, who was with him on A.....

On Friday in Breda, BREDA - Pakistan had to admit to their third loss in the Hockey Champions Trophy with 2:4. The Pakistan opened the bankroll through M Aleem Bilal, who transformed the spot in the eleventh minutes to take a 1-0 advantage for his group. Harare-Pakistan will look at the big picture during the Zimbabwe trip, says Mickey Arthur.

These men in GrĂ¼n reached Harare on Thursday because they will be in the land where they will take part in a shooting of a 20I Triseries in which Australia will also be involved..... Ireland surrendered to India's 2-0 defeat by the second lower level of a 2-20I win in a row of 9,000 on the crowded Malahide terrain.

This was the third abbreviated inning in T20I Indian T20I as Kuldeep Yadav's Indian spinning duet and....

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