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It is one of the most popular destinations in northern Thailand and despite all westernized evils one of the most popular destinations in the country. Discover Pai holiday and discover the best time and places to visit. Drive to the lush mountains of Pai, north of Chiang Mai Thailand. Here you will find important information and tips on how to enjoy Pai in Thailand. And Pai is just one of those cities that everyone loves.

Best activities in Pai, Thailand

This is our shortlist of 10 of the best things in Pai, Thailand, from the famed gorge to the funkiest cafés. Epical opinions about Pai! The hippie-village Pai is probably one of the best places in northern Thailand and has been attracting backpacker tourists and alternate people for years.

135 km from the town of Chiang Mai, at the end of a winding 762 bend street, this beautiful and picturesque little town is the place to spend a whole year. We' re back again and again and recently we spend another weekend in our favorite place in Thailand.

Of what to do, where to go and even where to remain, here is our top things to do in Pai, Thailand. If you' re not going to the store, you still have to make the most of Pais Walking Street almost every single day, especially when you're starving.

Simply look out for beginners who have no idea how to ride a motorcycle. Hottest Tip - Smashing a motorbike is not one of our activities in Pai! Don't miss out on Pais Walking Street. It is a beautiful landscape and it is great to enjoy spending a few moments.

We recommend what you can do in Pai is to hire a motorbike from the city and explore these small places on your own. Located on the Pombok Fall highway, this small village is definitely a stop. It can be seen from most places in the city, and the White Buddha high on the top of the mountain is not only a sacred sanctuary, it also provides some of the best vistas of Pai!

As soon as you have crossed the river you follow the street until you are about 2 km outside the city and you see the way up. Wonderful view over Pai. Situated in a wonderful high altitude with a view over the valley and magnificent pavilions where you can unwind if you don't want to take part in the activity.

They have worked over the years to improve the equipment on the grounds and it is much more beautiful today than it used to be. The circus school also has some accommodations on the grounds, and if you remain there, you can also make the most of all class.

Booking your holiday on Hostelworld. Just 7km from the city, a cool current of running waters runs over scalding cliffs to provide a calming, warm swimming pool in the midst of luxuriant green. There is a spectecular system of limestones called Lod (Spirit) Caves not exactly in Pai, but in a city 35 km away in the direction of Mae Hong Son.

It would be easy to stay here for a whole weekend and not go to the same place twice! Explore all the cafés, both in the city and on the edge of the city. It' s got cold stools, tasty coffees and sweets and a fantastic view over the arable land. Well-known as Thailand's response to the Grand Canyon (a very challenging challenge), Pai Canyon stretches across a vast area offering great vistas and merriment.

When you feel very energetic, you can climb all the way down and get out in the wild for hour. It' also a little like a play area for adventurers, because some of the trails are quite thin and patchy, so make sure you are wearing good boots if you want to explore the place well.

Take a roller out of the city back to Chiang Mai. If you are spending your day active exploration of everything Pai has to provide, it is natural that you need a rest. There are many accommodations with great view over the valleys or the rivers. The majority of pilgrims go from Chiang Mai to Pai and often come back the same way.

You have three ways to get from Chiang Mai to Pai. You can take a plane from Chiang Mai to Pai if you don't have enough cash and you' re pressed for it. Pai is most often reached by a Chiang Mai shuttles, and although they are quite inexpensive and fast, they are also a little weird.

There are 762 turns on the Chiang Mai-Pai route, and if you take a narrow shuttleshuttle around these turns, everyone on board can get sick. Be sure to collect some travel medical pills from a chemist in Chiang Mai first. Accommodation in Pai can be booked from any Chiang Mai Youth hostel or agent.

One of the most beautiful things is the clean and cleanliness of your face, and the street has recently been paving to be near the whole way. To leave Chiang Mai is a frantic undertaking, but once you are in the hills, it is great pleasure and pace all the way to Pai!

Be very cautious, because we have seen tens of backpacker tourists who have fallen on this street, and in any case it was because they have either become too pompous with their abilities or were unskilled and had no clue how to horseback it. It is our preferred way to come to Pai, and you can arrange to rent Mr. Mechanic or Aya in Chiang Mai (Aya also provides one-way motorcycle hire).

When you take your motorbike to Pai, you must take out cover. Pai Street, seen from above. When we first came to Pai, we were in two different places - SPYCY Pai and FAMILY HUTS - and while they were good then, the accommodations have really been improving in the last few years!

You can now spend a pleasant night somewhere, on a reasonable price, or really let off steam and spend the night in one of the most unbelievable accommodations in the state. If you are interested in long-term accommodations or privately owned flats and huts, there are also a whole range of possibilities.

You can find them at AirBnB (and use this hyperlink to get a $35 discount on your first stay). We have teamed up with our reservation agency to give all our clients a 10% discount on their accomodation all over the globe! DeeJai Pai Backpackers have worked tirelessly to turn their modest lodging into the best backpackers lodging in Pai, and they made it!

Rooms in the dormitory are unbelievably neat and roomy, and the communal area is something to be killed for - stunning vistas of the paddy fields with some of the best sunsets in Pai. It' a great place to hang out if you have a backpacking money. Booking your DeeJai Pai Backpackers holiday on Hostelworld.

There is a great accommodation group at the end of Walking Street and across the bikeway. They have en-suite bathroom, comfortable bunks and a hammock on the balcony, making them a great place to relax at the end of a big morning. Catch a few beer and relax by the riverbank, and don't be suprised if you prolong your trip there longer than you expect (we've done it!).

The Phu Pai Art is the place to be if you prefer to stay in a classic room instead of a wooden one. There are breathtaking rooms with all the comfort you would have expected, complete with Wi-Fi in the rooms and a TV, and the estate is amazing.

It' also a little out of the city, which means it's very tranquil and isolated. Having come a long way from his old hippy backpacking era, Pai now has a number of fantastic, high standard dining options in the city. Big Québec on Walking Street makes really good westerly meals like panini and lard and egg sandwiches - great if you want a touch of home.

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