Pagodas in Monywa

Monywa Pagodas

Monywa Thanboddhay Monastery is a unique temple in Burma. You can drive about five miles by car from Thanboddhay Pagoda on a good turnoff to Po Khaung Taung. Monywa, Myanmar - Thanboddhay Pagoda In Monywa by road, you should stop about 20 kilometers from the city to see this extraordinary buddhistic temples on 37 hectares of property that is part of the Mohnyin Forest Monastery retreat. Begun on 20 June 1939 and finished on 2 March 1952, the couch was the spiritual offspring of the renowned Mohnyin Sayadaw, whose lifelike image can be seen in the vicinity.

A number of people say that this pagoda is reminiscent of Borobodur because it is similar in architecture. In contrast to Borobodur, this is a well preserved place of adoration. and with interesting examples of contemporary buddhistic music. In contrast to most pagodas in Myanmar, the entry is not watched over by Chinthes, the mythic lion, but by a couple of magnificent figures of pure elephant, which in buddhistic symbols are holy and inexpensive.

Thinkoddhay is the only one of its kind in the world. Each side of the quadratic sanctuary is about 166 ft. high, which can be entered by the faithful. Twenty tagsundaing can be studied and photographed by visitors. Giant columns with decorations. and also big fruit of the wall in the form of banana and coconut, watermelon.

This fruit is also an object of worship for our peasants. When you can walk to Tazaungmone in Myanmar at the beginning of the monthly period (usually around November), you can see the yearly Pagodastival, which lasts several nights with people from all over the world coming to listen to the folk songs and dance.

Monywa Thanbodday Pagoda - Things Myanmar

They are arranged in lines that rise up to the top of high pinnacles; large ones are inside the central cabinet, in sitting or upright positions, while even smaller ones line the wall up to the top. Between the large gazebos are hidden many small convents, all with detailled and exclusive architectonic motives on the wall, roof, banisters, around doorframes etc..

High reliefs from the Jataka tales line the outer wall, with bizarre accents. At the lower floor, gypsum doorways are designed as if they would open into the house, and there is even one where a pet canine disappear. There are full statues of celestial spirits and creatures around the arena.

Two gypsum tiles can be seen on both sides of the door, scratching their way to the top of the walls; their long cocks almost seem to whip the wind as they are trapped frostbitten in the ice, their spikes are pointed. At opposite edges of the court, the characters of the two Brother are peacefully facing each other, clad in west dresses, but with their naked legs, as is necessary on the area of the pagodas.

Thanbodday is like a fairytale country with life-size, handpainted characters of humans, skies, ogras and beasts.

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