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The Pagoda in English

pagod. overdone[óverdan]. Tagalog, English. pagod. exhausted;

exhaustion; stress; tired; tiredness; annoying thing; restless; fatigue;. pagod. fatíg]. pagod. overdone[óverdan]. The pagoda definition: ? another name for pagoda | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. pagoda translation in the Filipino-English dictionary. state of fatigue. Translation of "pang alis pagod" into English. The human translations with examples: dusters, other exits, excretion system. págod, pagal, kapaguran, kapagalán: n. tiredness.

German Tagalog: pagod | Tagalog Translation

depleted; depletion; stress; wearily; tiring; wearily; tiring; wearily; tiring; wearily; tiring; stressful; tiredness; fatigues; depleted; exhausted; tiring; weak; work; acting; actions; activities; builder; obligation; made on; bored; angry; agony; effort; pain; fatigue; exhausting; tiring; pork legs; ankles; anger; angry; boredom; discomfort; work; poor; manufacturing; product; work; arduous; severity; hard; harshness; addition; poverty;

German Tagalog dictionary

Type a Tagalog or English term. pagod, fagal, pathâ, kapaguran, Kapagalan: n. fatten. Initially released in 1915. pathâ, pagód: p.p. aboutdone. Released in 1915. pagod, kagal, kapaguran, Kapagalan: n. Maturity. Initially released in 1915. Pagod, nap; yamot: adj. tire. Released in 1915. págod: Tiredness, sleep. Syn. paagal. pagod: pagod. gavâ; pagod, paagal; hirap: n. toe.

Original publication 1915.

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Comparison français Pagodas. Cf: See 1618 Paagoda. Richard Cocks, Diary of Richard Cocks, Cape Merchant in the English Factory in Japan, 1615-1622, with Correspondence, Edward Maunde Thompson (ed.), New York: We visited the ancient monuments of Japon, including the pagodas or the memorial built in memory of Ogosho Samma, the last emperor, which in my view is the most splendid work I have seen in Japon, both in size and finish.

The present seems so abundantly strange with things, / The Mahound Moir. 1766, Tobias Smollett, Travels through France and Italy, Letter XXXI,[3] Despite all the ornamentation thrown at it, the St. Peter's Basilica is no more than a pile of childlike splendour, better suited to an Indic pagoda than to a shrine constructed according to the principals of ancient Greece.

1829, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, "Timbuctoo" dans The Works of Alfred Tennyson, Boston : 1895, Vol. XII, p. 293, See'st thou yoon river, whose transparent shaft, / Forth out of the dark, windeth through / The Argent Street o' th' town, imageing/ The gentle incursion of their trembling cupolas, / Their orchards often with the handsome tree, / Their pagodas were hanging with cute bell sounds, 1688, Gabriel Magalhaens, A New history of China, translators not recognized, London:

When they say that the king is more powerful, how come to happen, do we say that the king kneels before the pagoda and worships him by bending his face to the earth? The seventeenth century, Edward Stillingfleet (1635-1699), quoted in Samuel Johnson, A Dictionary of the English Language, 1755 They venerate pagodas, after such a horrible depiction as we make of the devil.

Routledge, p. 46, How strongly do the banners and other sects of the gentile East Indians venerate their pagodas and their temple? 1814, Lord Byron, Journal in Thomas Moore, The Life of Lord Byron, with his deeds and magazines, London: john Murray, 1854, p. 233,[5] suggested taking Scrope home in my coach; but he was buzzed and devout, and I was forced to let him on my hands and pray, I don't know what for.

Whenever the walkers spontaneously paid homage to these pagodas of a companion - the toll of a break and a look, and less often an exclaim - the colorful entourage showed that they were proud of the summoner, which the Assyrians undoubtedly showed for their great sculpted bull when the believers threw themselves down.

It' from the Portugese pagoda.

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