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Page of Myanmar friar Wirathu Myanmar Firewall Anti-Rohingya deleted from Facebook, SE Asia News & Top Stories

Facebook has taken the page of a Myanmar Buddhist Bin Laden friar out of Myanmar because of his arson attacks on Muslims, the firm confirms as it is under duress to act against hatred speeches. Wirathu, a celebrity face of Myanmar's Buddhist ultra-nationalist group, had gathered tens of millions of supporters in the net, who used it as a stage for attacking Muslims and exposed the stateless Rohingya group.

Almost 700,000 Rohingya have escaped to Bangladesh since last August, after a Rakhine operation compared to US and UN raids, but praised by Myanmar's nationals on-line. An AFP Facebook spokesman said to the AFP on Monday that Wirathu's page had been deleted.

"In an e-mail, a Facebook spokesman said: "Our community standards forbid organizations and individuals who are committed to the promotion of xenophobia and harassment against others. "we can take a number of measures, such as temporary suspension of their posting capacity and eventually withdrawal of their account."

This site was dismantled at the end of January. Erathu could not be contacted for comments, but he said in a last year film that his bankroll had been suspended for 30 working nights because "Facebook is taken by the Muslims". The use of Myanmar's social networking site has increased at an exponential rate since a quasi-civilian regime opened up the telecommunications industry in 2013, facilitating broadband connections to the world.

Its rantings have been held responsible for fueling cultism, which has afflicted Myanmar's democratic transformation. However, the man who once featured on the sleeve of Time as the" face of the Buddha ist terror" is still powerful. For years, the sociomedia giants have been confronted with appeals to curb hatred speeches about their Myanmar bank account, with increasing pressures during the Rohingya war.

Mr Thet Swe Win, a Yangon-based interreligious campaigner, said that Facebook's move sent a token signal about the intolerance of hatred-speaking. However, getting the page off will not solve the issue, he cautioned. "They' re removing his bankroll, but not his video and his fanatic hatred, they're still on Facebook and his supporters are disseminating it," he said.

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