Padparadscha Sapphire

Padspearajah Sapphire

Find out all about Padparadscha Sapphire Gemstones. A study of the problem of separating pink sapphire and padparajah sapphire from ruby. Is a Padparajah sapphire? Sapphire is available in many different colours. A few colours are usual, some colours are uncommon and some colours are so seldom that they are hardly visible.

The gorgeous Padparadscha sapphire is one of the rarest saphire. Is Padparadscha Sapphire? Padparajahsapphire are not well known, but precious stone pickers appreciate them.

They' re very pretty with colours that are astonishing. Padparajah is a Sinhala term for "aquatic Lotus flower" with a nice colour of squid. Padparadscha sapphire can vary in colour from purple to purple. It also tends not to be evenly coloured, it can have colour areas with rose and amber reflections around its colour of sock.

Since the Padparajah sapphire is extremly seldom, they often have asymmetric cut. With padparajas it is important to be clear, because their bright colour makes it easy to see enclosures. It' hard to find a padparajah over two karats. If it is found, it is regarded as extraordinary and very seldom.

Padparadschas are also to be regarded as a rarity because of their confined area. Many of them come from Sri Lanka, but also from Madagascar and Tanzania. Probably the best Padparadscha-Sapphire come from Sri Lanka. Madagascan rocks are usually more pink than oranges and are for about 20% less than those from Sri Lanka.

Madagascan padparadscha sometimes undergoes thermal treatment to enhance their colour. As padparadscha from Sri Lanka, they are heat-treated at very low prices. Madagascan heat-treated padparajas are often preferred to those from Sri Lanka because of the treatment they undergo.

Padparadscha is by far the rarest sapphire in the word. Padparadscha's are offered at a cost approaching that of a delicate sapphire and it is not uncommon that they are offered for several thousand bucks per karat. Padparadscha's are one of the most precious gems in the word, their value varies according to sizes, qualities and colours.

This Padparadscha Sapphire is beautiful. They' re one-of-a-kind and rarely with a colour that numbs a subject. Padparadscha presents beautiful things you can't deny and you should grab them when you find them. Simply make sure that what you pay for is really a padparajah and have your rocks checked by a well-known germ lab like the GIA.

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