Pa Auk Tawya Monastery

Auk Tawya Monastery

Auk Tawya Forest Monastery. Pa Auk Tawya Accommodation and both of the monastery's lunches are free. If you would like to make a food or a contribution for the monastery's livelihood, however, you can do so through the monastery offices. Before I can remain in the center and practice, what do I have to do?

You may want to know more about the following centers for international meditation before starting your trip to study and practice Buddha's teachings in Pa-Auk Tawya: Each meditator must obtain the consent of the monastery before staying and practicing in the monastery.

Before submitting your resume in the required format, you should know more about the terms and regulations of the monastery and also review the rules and regulations for foreign meditators.

Who we are - Pa-Auk Tawya

Established in 1926, it is located in a wood along the Taung Nyo mountain chain, near the town of Pa-Auk, 15 kilometers south-east of Mawlamyine, Mon State, Myanmar. This monastery offers a favourable framework for the long-term practise of contemplation. The monastery is the principal center of the Pa-Auk Group with over 40 branch offices and partner centers.

Sayadaw is a Myanmar honorary degree and means "respected teacher". Sayadaw, b. 1934, was ordained novice friar at the tender ages (s?ma?era). After studying the texts of P?li with various instructors, he took the three exams of P?li as a beginner. With twenty years the Sayadaw got a higher surgery than the one of Brukkhu.

Dhammacariya continues his study of P?li texts among scholarly senior priests and passes the Dhammacariya exams at the tender ages of twenty-two. It is the BA equivalence in Pali Buddhist study and bestows the degree of "Dhamma Teacher". 1964 Sayadaw stepped up his meditative practices and began to exercise "forest dwelling".

Continuing to read the texts of P?li and explore Dhamma, he searched and received instruction from worshipped pedagogues of the time. Both monks and lay people have been studying and meditating under the Sayadaw since 1983. In the early 90s international mediators came to the monastery.

Sayadaw released his great work The Practice that Lead to Nibb?na in 1997, which explains the whole course in detail and is backed by numerous quotes from the texts of P?li - it is currently only available in Myanmar and Sinhala. Sayadaw's doctrines have been widely read in several international publications (see The Most Venerable Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw).

Sayadaw is both a much appreciated Dhamm?cariya (Dhamma teacher) and an experienced Kamma??h?n?cariya (meditation teacher). The Myanmar administration awarded him the 1999 Agga Mah? Kamma??h?n?cariya award in recognizing his work. This means "Most Highly Respected Meditation Teacher". The Sayadaw was awarded the award "Shwekyin Nik?ya Ratta├▒├▒?mah?n?yaka" at the 2009 Shwekyin Nikaya Conference Sa?gha in Myanmar.

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