Other name of Myanmar

Another name of Myanmar

Myanmar has been accepted by the UN and most other countries. Source: Myanmar travel information **]. This name change was almost immediately accepted by the United Nations, of which Myanmar is a member. A further article in front of the name to indicate gender, age and social location. Most importantly, to legally change your name, you need to use your new name.

Myanmar, a Genocide under another name

Parties acknowledge that it is an offence under public policy to commit to the prevention and punishment of acts of international terrorism, whether in peacetime or in wartime. There was once here in Dhaka, Bangladesh, this bustling Buriganga River town, the church bell of the Holy Resurrection sounded for mile.

In 1781, almost two hundred years after the Persian Shah Abbas the Great took over East Armenia, Armenians expanded their home of Orthodox devotion among the grove of palms, and thousand of them emigrated to Bengal. In spite of this bad situation, the Armenians of Dhaka were among the fortunate few of their countrymen who were not affected by the Ottoman Turks' holocaust during the First World War.

Nearly 50 years later, it is now that again the massacre is persecuting the state. These are the testimonies of more than 620,000 refugees from the massive execution, displacement and rape of Myanmar's military and Buddhist paramilitary forces since last August. It is astonishing to the Dhaka population that the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and other moral advocates of the world do not call the murders and evictions genocides.

Major Myanmar residents, among them Pope Francis this weekend, are afraid to refer to the Rohingya sacrifices so that they do not disturb the country's army and jeopardise its delicate democratic transformation. Burma's governing classes deny the Rohingyas as a population.

No one on this side of the frontier has any doubt that the Rohingya Muslim nation that has been living in the so-called Rakhine state for hundreds of years is being genocidal. Rohingyas have been telling their story to reporters and helpers from all over their home country.

The Rohingyas in Rakhine want to ask reporters and the United Nations what is going on there, but the Myanmar administration will not allow it. Prosecution of the Rohingya tribe dates back at least to 1948, when Myanmar, then known as Burma, gained sovereignty over Britain. Following an interview with Rohingya escapees from an earlier 2009 armed cleansing, John Carlin writes in the British Independent newspaper:

"It discriminates against them because they are Muslims in a Buddhaist land; because they have blacker skins than most of Burma's (a high-ranking Myanmar Diplomat recently described them as "dark brown" and "ugly as ogres"), and because of a complicated story of opposition to key controls (they were on the side of the British rather than the Japanese, favored by the vast majority of Myanmar people during the Second World War).

" Some Rohingyas have since started an uprising that has justified the Myanmar army for the racial purge of all Rohingyas. Massacre, tortures and other acts of violence against mankind go far beyond any known way of fighting insurrection. In every respect, the Rosary Camp is an outrage. However, the so-called ³cInternational Community³d is avoiding pronouncing the g-word, because knowledge of the 1948 Geneva Convention calls for ³cin order to avoid and punish³d it.

Nobody has stopped or penalised the Armenian holocaust in Turkey. Allied forces execute and imprison Nazi for the massacre of Jews and Roma, but they could not stop him. While the United Nations had the means to stop the Hutu tribe's 1994 Tutsi murder in Rwanda, things were not.

Now that Myanmar's safety guards and Buddhaist zealots are looting, killing and dispossessing the Rohingya tribe, the rest of the globe is faking empathy while doing exactly nothing. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has gone so far as to blame Myanmar for "ethnic cleansing," but the concept has no juridical significance and does not require an act at all.

There is a universality to the genocidal pathology: dehumanization, butchery and expulsion. Armenians are a fifth pillar. And the Hutus even claimed that the Tutsis' face was inferior. There is always the demand that those who have been living in one place for generation should go elsewhere. One Buddhist friar in Myanmar said to the BBC that "there are many Islamic states.

At the beginning of the nineties, the United Nations and the United States imposed an arms embargo on the Bosnian predominantly Moslem regime, while better-armed Serbs and Croats were killing Muslims on a massive scale. In 1994, the United Nations rejected the concept of Rwandan ³cgenocide³d, while Hutus slaughtered 850,000 Tutsis in the course of a single calendar year.

but it'?s the Myanmar embarrassment. The Rohingyas in Myanmar are crouching in terror. The Rohingyas are written by Azeem Ibrahim: In Myanmar's Hidden Village, Rohingya spend a few day with fugitives in their huts along the frontier. On his return to Dhaka he said to me: "In the encampments everyone said he would return if they were granted full nationality and full legalisation.

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