Explore Oshawa, Ontario with the help of your friends. ******* **classe="mw-headline" id="History">Geschichte[edit]>> City of Oshawa is recognized as an Urban Growth Centre in the Government of Ontario's Places to grow program. Ushawa is home to a regional innovation centre[15] and provides start-up opportunities for businessmen and small enterprises. Scientists believe that the area that was to become Oshawa began as a trading centre for skins.

The Mississauga Indians in Oshawa harbor took pelts on rafts and took them to the western trade stations at the estuary of the Credit River. In 1760 the French built a trade station near the port, which was closed down after a few years, but its remains provided protection for the first inhabitants of what later became Oshawa.

Osshawa and the neighbouring county of Ontario were also the settlement areas of a disproportionately large number of 19 th cent. 19 c. Kornish emigrants during the Kornish migration, who drained much of this part of England. As Colonel Asa Danforth was laying out his York-to-Kingston Street, she went through what would later become Oshawa.

A" colonisation road" (a north-south street to ease the settlement) was built in 1822, which is known as Simcoe Street. More or less following the old Nonquon Way, it ran from the port to the Scugog Lake area. It crossed the "Kingston Road" at the "Four Corners" of Oshawa.

He was asked to ask his local friends what they named the area; their answer was "Oshawa", which translated means "where we have to keep our canoes". The name Oshawa, for example, one of Canada's most important "motor cities", has the significance "where we have to get off and walk".

Oshawa " was taken over and the postal service was given the appropriate name. The conditions for the foundation were relaxed in 1849, and Oshawa was founded as a small town in 1850. 1876 Robert Samuel McLaughlin, Sr. relocated his carriages from Enniskillen to Oshawa to use the port and the nearby highways.

McLaughlin, who was supported by the city, decided to remain in Oshawa and build a new plant across from Mary Street. In 1890, the Oshawa Railway, which was initially designed as a tram line, operated the railway traffic, but around 1910 a second "freight line" was constructed a little bit to the east of Simcoe Street.

17 ] This electrical line provided tram and goods traffic, connecting the centre of Oshawa with the Grand Trunk (now Canadian National) Railway, and with the Canadian Northern (which ran through the far northernmost part of Oshawa) and the Canadian Pacific, constructed in 1912-13. Oshawa Railway was taken over by Grand Trunk in 1910, and in 1940 tram services were overhauled.

When GM relocated its major factories to southern Oshawa in 1951, goods transport declined and most of the rails were dismantled in 1963, although there was a line to the older surviving "northern" factory on Ritson Road until 2000. Oshawa's 1920s car became very popular and rapidly expanded from 4,000 to 16,000 inhabitants over the year.

Oshawa was the annexation of the southern area in 1924, which included the port and the municipality of Cedardale. It was this expansion that enabled Oshawa to become a town, which took place on March 8, 1924. By 1950, the town was annexing part of the East Whitby Township just off Park Road. Part of this area was created during the 1920s when it was booming, although it was not within the area.

When the Oshawa Center (now Oshawa Centre) opened less than two kilometers westwards of the "four corners" in 1956, it hit the city center of Oshawa, from which it could never recuperate. Oshawa Centre is the biggest commercial centre in Ontario just south of Toronto.

Soon after World War II, the opening of Highway 401, then Highway 2A, resulted in an increase in housing in Oshawa and the other coastal communities of Ontario County, which resulted in the establishment of the Regional Municipality of Durham in 1974. It was merged with the rest of the East Whitby Township and took over today's borders, including the remote townships of Columbus, Raglan and Kedron.

Most of Oshawa's industrial base has shut down over the years, but it is still GM Canada's main production site. It is also an officially recognised border crossing point for immigrants and custom authorities. Headquartered in Oshawa, Canada, General Motors Canada has large production and administration facilities in the capital and directly and indirectly employing tens of thousands of people.

From Windsor, Ontario, home of Chrysler Canada, the two towns have had something of a friendship based competition for the Automotive Capital of Canada which is now owned by Oshawa. It is made up of small buildings and urban areas conceived for early twentieth c. industry, while the north half is more characteristic of the suburbs for later years.

In its post-war glory, General Motors provided some of the best employment in Canada and drew tens of thousands of employees from underdeveloped areas of the nation, particularly the Maritimes, Newfoundland, Quebec and North Ontario. It was also a major attraction for immigrant Europeans and has important groups from Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, Slovakia and Russia.

While Oshawa has become one of Canada's fastest-growing towns, the Census Metropolitan Area, which also encompasses the neighboring towns of Whitby and Clarington, has often been mentioned as such. In 2015, Oshawa reached a all-time high with a building value of over half a billion US Dollar (record year 2014).

Many commuteers were attracted to Oshawa by relatively low apartment costs and frequent train services to Toronto city centre with GO Transit and Via Rails. With the expansion of Hwy 407 East, the increase in commuter accommodation in Toronto is expected to pick up. Hwy 407 East (407E) was opened on 20 June 2016 to Harmony Road in Oshawa, which includes a north-south connection to Mt. 401, known as Hwy 412.

Further expansion will lead the motorway eastwards to Hwy 35 / Hwy 115 in Clarington by 2020, with a second connection to Hwy 401, Hwy 418. Oshawa was voted Canada's No. 1 job market in the early part of 2016, against 33 towns across the state.

23 ] The tendency points to large societal and population changes for Oshawa, which has long had a strong trade unions membership, a predominantly whitish population and a largely bluish nation. Oshawa, like all of South Ontario, has a moist mainland climatic (Köppen climatic class Dfb) with large, but not extremely high, seasonsal variations in temperatures.

General Motors' (and its carmakers') dominance led to Oshawa being known as a league base of unionistic leftist assistance in the post-war years. It was a major player in Canada's work record, among them the "Oshawa strike" against General Motors in 1937 and the substantial funding provided by the car makers of the New Democratic Party (NDP) and its forerunners.

But Oshawa was part of Ontario (County) Horse Backing when Michael Stark was serving; Stark was a high-ranking Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) and cabinet member during the Diefenbaker age. Rigidly serving the new Oshawa whitby for one tenure, he was beaten by the next NDP president Ed Broadbent in 1968.

He was Broadbent's representative in the House of Commons until 1989 and in the 1980s the NDP achieved its greatest election success. In the late 90s, the economic and demographic changes in the town brought many electors to the Progressive Conservative Part of Ontario and the Canadian Alliance, a right-wing alliance.

Conservatives won the last province and Bundestag parliamentary elections, while the town was a secure NDP location in both national and state legislation from 1968-93. Oshawa's changing sociopolitical dynamism became clear in the 2004 Bundestag general Elections - horse back-riding ( "not associated with the town of Oshawa but with most of it") was the most dynamic and highly competetive in the state.

Jennifer French was voted a member of the Ontario New Democratic Party in the province of Oshawa in 2014 with over 40% of the votes. Oshawa Municipality has eleven members - a major, seven local councils and three mayors.

Voters throughout the town elect the Lord Major, who chairs the Oshawa Municipal Assembly and is also a municipal councillor in the Durham Municipality Assembly. There are seven councils chosen by voters throughout the municipality to serve on both Oshawa and Durham councils.

There are three town councils chosen by voters throughout the entire town in order to replace the town on the Oshawa Municipal Assembly. Oshawa's community literacy is provided by the Durham District School Board. In June 2015 there were 28 primary and six high school. 31 ] The Durham Atlantic District School Board, based in Oshawa, supervises local government Romansh education in the Durham region.

In Oshawa, 22,000 full-time undergraduates study at three post-secondary establishments - Durham College, Trent University Durham and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). Ushawa est un site d'enseignement communautaire pour l'École de médecine de l'Université Queen's à Lakeridge Health. Durham College's principal college is in the town.

The Trent Durham has a long tradition in Oshawa. During 2010, the college opened its own independent Oshawa Recreation Complex. The Oshawa site of Lakeridge Health is Oshawa, formerly Oshawa General Hospital. Ushawa was the first town in Ontario to offer emergency first-aid. This individual unit extended paramedics education to Toronto, Hamilton and the province's aerial rescue team.

It was the root cause of all the medical programmes in Ontario. Because of its closeness to Toronto, Oshawa has few of its own independent publications. CKDO ( "1580"), an AM railway terminus, is located at 107. They both belong to Durham Radio, which also has CJKX, which is licenced to the neighbouring municipality of Ajax, although all three channels are run from the same studio at Oshawa Executive Airport.

The Oshawa has a CTV subsidiary channel, CHEX-TV-2 (channel 12), which is a twin of Peterborough's CHEX-DT. Though a bigger town than Peterborough then and now, Oshawa was not assigned a TV channel in the 1950s because it was too near Toronto in geographical terms, as the initial distances were fixed at 145 km (90 miles).

Roger's TV: Rogers Cabel, the municipal broadcaster, runs a joint TV station with TV channels for satellite broadcasters. It is serviced by several municipal journals, among them the Oshawa Express, an autonomous newspaper that appears every Wednesday, and Oshawa This Woche, which is issued twice a weekly by Metroland.

After a long strikes, the Oshawa Newspapers ( "Oshawa Newspapers ", also known at various periods as Oshawa Newspapers and the Times-Gazette) was shut down by its proprietor Thomson Newspapers in 1994. The Oshawa Generals of the Ontario Hockey League, the highest league standard for the 15 to 20 age group.

The Oshawa generals won the Ontario Hockey League Championship in 2015 and ended their campaign by taking the Memorial Cup Championship. In November 2006, the squad relocated from the Oshawa Civic Auditorium to the new General Motors Center. By 2016, the town of Oshawa has joined Tribute Communities and the General Motors Centre has been re-named Tribute Communities Centre.

Oshawa Generals' home stadium was twice devastated by fire in franchising fame. The Bradley Arenas were burned down in June 1928. September 2018 will see the Buffalo Sabres and the New York Islanders stage their first pre-season match of the National Hockey League with an exhibit competition at the Centre.

Oshawa Power of the National Basketball League of Canada started to play in October 2011. Power moved from Oshawa to Mississauga, a suburban area of Toronto in the west, in spring 2013. For many years Oshawa was one of the most important centers for lake cruising and home to the Oshawa Green Gaels, one of the most historic sports team.

In the 1980', when lack eys seemed to be on the verge of being forgotten in Canada (the Green Gaels themselves collapsed at the beginning of the decade), lack eysed in the neighboring cities of Whitby and Brooklin, and many of the gamblers came from Oshawa. As the National Lascrosse Leagues advance, the game seems to have survived and many pro leagues and others are from the Oshawa area.

The former Oshawa Green Gaels skipper and Oshawa indigenous, Derek Keenan, is the present trainer and general director of Saskatchewan Rush. Since 1959, Oshawa has been home to the Oshawa Vikings Rugby Football Team. Since it was a namhaften Spielern des Clubs seit seiner Gründung gehören Dave Thompson (Ontario Rugby Hall of Fame), Dean Van Camp (Rugby Canada Men XV Square, OUA All-Star), Jonathan Cregg (Canada Rugby League Men's Square, OUA All-Star), Jeffrey McDiarmid (Rugby Canada Under 19, OUA All-Star) et Andrew Tyler (Western University Men's Varsity Rugby MVP, OUA All-Star).

Thompson rugby park[37] is situated in Oshawa Hamlet of Raglan. Ushawa organized box and weight lifting races for the Pan American Games 2015, which took place in the Toronto area. Go-transit services link the town with Toronto, Hamilton and points in between. From Oshawa, GO Transit busses run along Hwy 401 and Hwy 2 in the Durham region, Toronto and the York region.

The GO is also available from Oshawa railway stations to Clarington and Peterborough via the city centre coach dock. Oshawa Railway Tower belongs to the Via-Rail national railway company, which runs a Quebec City Windsor Corridor line corridor maintenance work. Further train stations are GO buses and the Durham Region Throughout the region offers public transport buses.

Oshawa Transit was superseded on 1 January 2006. In June 2016, the provincial government announces an expansion of the GO railway services from Oshawa to Bowmanville, which includes the expansion of the railway system by almost 20 kilometers and the construction of four new railway terminals. 38 ] The new GO railway transport is scheduled to start in 2023-24.

There will be four new stops at Thornton Road in Oshawa, Ritson Road in Oshawa, Courtice Road in Courtice and Martin Road in Bowmanville. The Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railways, which crosses the town, handles railway goods traffic. Except for Hwy 2, which returned to locality in 1998 (King Street and Bond Street), the town had no provincial motorways until the opening of the initial section of Hwy 401 in 1947 (as Hwy 2A).

In 1952 the motorway ended at Ritson Road and was lengthened eastwards through the rest of the town as far as Newcastle. Ushawa was the only town through which Hwy 401 was directly constructed instead of by-passing. Hwy 407, a 400 series motorway, was opened on 20 June 2016 to Harmony Road in Oshawa, which includes a north-south connection to Hwy 401, known as Hwy 412.

Further expansion will take the motorway eastwards to Hwy 35 / Hwy 115 in Clarington by 2020, with a second connection to Hwy 401, Hwy 418. Oshawa Port is an important hub for the automotive, iron and steel, snow removal and fertiliser industry.

The city is served by a local airfield with local custom and migration offices (see above). Canadian Transport Minister John Baird on May 21, 2009 said that the Oshawa harbor will change its harbor committee statute to a fully-fledged harbor authority. Toronto Pearson is the nearest multinational airfield, 75 kilometers from Mississauga.

According to the 2011 count, the Oshawa population is 149,607, up from 141,590 (5. 7%) in the 2006 count. 3 percent of the total populace were males and 50. Childrens under the age of five represented about 6.5% of Oshawa's residential area. Compare this with 5. 8% in Ontario and nearly 5. 6% for Canada overall.

By mid-2001, 10. 4% of the Oshawa residents were at pension of 65 years and older for men and women, as against 13 years. Between 1996 and 2001, the Oshawa region's total populace increased by 10. 2%, versus an upturn of 6. 1% for Ontario as a whole.

Oshawa's total densities were 328 on averages. Persons per km2, versus an Ontario total of 12.6. The 2006 Oshawa Canensus Metropolitan Area, which included its neighbours Whitby and Clarington, has a total of 330,594 inhabitants. Information on the ethnic groups on the leftside comes from the Canadian Peninsula Cadastre.

In Oshawa is the capital of the Dominican Seventh-day Adventists Cathedral, which for many years ran a university there. Today it runs a grammar and primary Schools. Seven percent of Oshawa's people. 2% of the French language is the native language, which is one of the highest shares within the GTA.

The native language of 1.3% of the Polish people and 1.0% of them speak Polish. In Oshawa there are parklands, hiking paths, nature reserves, indoor and open-air open-air baths, municipal centers and sport fields. The Lakeview Park extends along the shores of Lake Ontario, including a sandstrand. It is the site of the Oshawa Museum.

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