Usaka (???, ?saka-shi) is a designated city in the Kansai region of Japan.

In Osaka we use only the best ingredients to present the full range of authentic and robust Japanese flavours.

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osaka (???, ?saka-shi) (Japanese debate: o?saka ]; help-info ) is a named municipality in the Kansai area of Japan. Keihanshin is the second biggest urban area in Japan and, with over 19 million residents, one of the biggest in the whole wide range of destinations in the country.

Osaka lies at the confluence of the Yodo River and Osaka Bay and is the second biggest town in Japan after Tokyo's 23 stations a day and the third biggest town after Tokyo's 23 stations and Yokohama, which serves as an important business location for the state. In 1927 General Motors ran a plant named Osaka Assembly until 1941, which produced Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Buick cars run and occupied by skilled manual labourers and Japan manager.

Daihatsu, one of Japan's oldest carmakers, is headquartered in the town of Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture, near Ikeda. Older Kanji is still used in a very restricted way, mostly in historic settings, but in Japan the Kanji ? - pronounced hand in hand - relates to Osaka Town or Osaka Prefecture.

Usaka lies in the wet semi-tropical climatic area ( Köppen Cfa ) with four different seasonal variations. Seldom does the town see snowfalls in cold winters. Osaka's springs begin mildly, but become warm and moist at the end. This is also the wetest time of the year in Osaka, with the wet period of Osaka, the so-called prune rains (Tsuyu, ??, tsuyu), taking place between the beginning of June (average:7 June) and the end of July (average:21 July).

Autumn in Osaka shows a tendency towards coolness, with the early part of the saison reminiscent of summers, while the second part of autumn is reminiscent of winters. In Osaka there is a second rain in September and early October, when it is possible to have rain in the tropics, even Taifune, from the southern or south-western regions. The Kita is home to Umeda and its immediate neighborhood, an important commercial and commercial center that includes Osaka Station City and a large underground net of malls.

28 ] Kita and Nakanoshima near by contain a significant part of the city's high-rises and are often shown on photos of Osaka's outline. Minami, although it means "south", is basically located at Ch?? Ward (???, Ch??-ku) and geographical centrally within the town. Ost-Osaka is classified as an independent town, although the eastern side of the actual town of Osaka contains a number of neighbourhoods, among them Tsuruhashi Korea Town, Osaka Castle Park, Osaka Business Park and the Ky?bashi Station crossroad.

There are 24 stations in Osaka (?, ku): Used frequently in this area is Osaka-ben, a characteristic subdialect of Kansai-ben. Among the many other peculiarities that characterise Osaka-ben, the use of Kopula ya instead of da and the -hen instead of -nai extension in the negatives of verbs is an example. Vice-Mayor:Akira Morishita, Factions:Osaka Restoration Association (36), Liberal Democratic Party and Citizen's Club (20), Komei Party (19), Japanese Communist Party (9), District Seats:

The following are also located in Osaka: Miyakojima-ku (3), Naniwa-ku (2), Nishi-ku (2), Nishinari-ku (5), Nishiyodogawa-ku (3), Suminoe-ku (4), Sumiyoshi-ku (6), Taish?-ku (3), Tenn?ji-ku (2), Tsurumi-ku (3), Osaka also accommodates several government offices. The following is a listing of government offices located in Osaka. At the next shareholders' general assembly in June 2012, the Osaka Municipality, as the biggest stockholder of Kansai Electric Powers Co, resolved on 18 March 2012 that it would require a number of changes: a decrease in the number of managers and staff of the utilities company, the introduction of completely safe measures to ensure the security of core installations, the disposal of burned waste, the introduction of a new type of heat production to ensure non-nuclear supplies, the sale of all redundant installations, as well as the sale of KEPCO shares.

On April 10, 2012, at a session of the U.S. Government and Osaka Municipality' Energy Strategy Committee, it became clear that at the end of 2011, approximately 69 Kansai Electric Power Company staff were former civil servants. 1.3 million staff were employed at the end of the financial year. The Osaka metropolitan area has an extended rail infrastructure similar to that of Tokyo.

The most important stops within the municipality are Umeda (??), Namba (??), Shinsaibashi (???), Tenn?ji (???), Ky?bashi (??) and Yodoyabashi (???). The Osaka network links its neighboring towns and villages through the JR West Urban Network and a number of privately owned rail services including Keihan Electric Railway, Hankyu Railway, Hanshin Electric Railway, Kintetsu Railway and Nankai Electric Railway.

Osaka Municipal Subway System alone is the eighth largest system in the global number of passengers per year, servicing over 912 million passengers per year (a fourth of the 4 billion passengers of the Greater Osaka Rail System), although it is only 8 of more than 70 subway routes. The Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau (the City Bus) as well as Hankyu, Hanshin and Kintetsu provide regular bus services, providing a dense network across much of the city.

There are two out-of-town Osaka airports: Kansai lnternational Airport (IATA: KIX), which mainly operates scheduled air traffic for passengers, and Osaka lnternational Airport (IATA: ITM), which mainly operates scheduled air traffic for passengers and freight. Because of its geographic location, the Osaka route is much more extensive than Tokyo, with overseas ferries to Shanghai, Tianjin, Korea and inland ferries to Kitakyushu, Kagoshima, Miyazaki and Okinawa.

There are a large number of wholesale and retailers in Osaka: 25,228 and 34,707 in 2004, according to urban statistical data. Sh?tengai can be seen all over Japan, and Osaka has the longest in the state. Further areas for shoppers are Den Den Town, the electronics and manga/anime districts similar to Akihabara; the Umeda quarter with Hankyu Sanbangai Centre and Yodobashi Camera, a giant consumer electronics centre with a wide selection of clothing outlets, dining and a Shonen Jump Shop.

Usaka is known for its groceries, in Japan and abroad. Writer Michael Booth and grocery critics François Simon of Le Figaro have proposed making Osaka the world's grocery city. 57 ] The Osakans' passion for the gastronomic becomes clear in the old proverb: "The Japanese are bankrupted because they spend too much on clothes, the Osakans are bankrupted because they spend too much on groceries.

In Osaka there is the National Brunraku Theatre[62], where traditionnal marionette games, Brunraku, are staged. In Osaka Shochiku-za, near Namba railway yard, you can enjoy cabuki andanzai. Joshimoto Kogyo, a Japan-based entertainer, runs a downtown venue for much of Manza's popular music and other shows: Namba Grand Kagetsu Room.

It was opened with a Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra recital located in the town. j? j? See our multipurpose venue at the Osaka j? Center for up to 16,000 persons. A number of performances and gigs with Japan and abroad took place in the auditorium. The Osaka Central Public Hall, a neo-Renaissance edifice first opened in 1918, is located near the Town Council in Nakanoshima Public Gardens.

Osaka Shiki Theatre[63] is one of nine privately owned venues run by the Shiki Theatre throughout the country that show direct pieces and music. Tenjin Matsuri, one of Osaka's most popular festival, takes place on 24 and 25 July (Ikukunitama Shrine). Further Osaka festival are Aizen Matsuri (June 30 - July 2, Sh?man in the temple), Sumiyoshi Matsuri (July 30 - August 1, Sumiyoshi Taisha), Sh?ry?-e (April 22, Shitenn?-ji) and T?ka-Ebisu (January 9 - 10, Imamiya Ebisu Jinja).

Osaka Asian Film Festival is held every year in March in Osaka. NMAO (National Museums of Art) is an underground Japan and worldwide arts and crafts center that houses post-war collection and organizes regular changing exhibits. The Osaka Science Musuem is located in a five-storey edifice next to the National Museums of Arts, with a planetaryarium and an OMNIMAX theater.

The Osaka Municipal Museum of Art is housed in the Tenn?ji theme park and houses over 8,000 works of art from Japan and China. Opened in 2001, the Osaka Museum of Historical is housed in a 13-storey state-of-the-art facility overlooking Osaka Castle. Osaka's prehistory and present are on display.

The Osaka Museum of Nature Histories is home to a museum devoted to nature and living. There are four Osaka sports teams: one of them is the Orix Buffaloes, a Nippon Pro basketball club that play their home matches at the Kyocera Dome Osaka. Hanshin Tigers, another basketball club headquartered in Nishinomiya, Hy?go, also play part of their home matches at the Kyocera Dome Osaka when their home stadium is busy with the National High School Championship's yearly matches this year.

Two J.League teams, Gamba Osaka, play their home matches in the Suita Stadium. Cerezo Osaka, another local football player, is playing his home matches at Kincho Stadium. Osaka is home to Osaka Evessa, a B.League playing baseball group. Haru Basho (???, "Spring Tournament"), one of the six regularly scheduled competitions of Sumos, takes place in Osaka at Osaka Prefecture High School every year.

The Osaka International Ladies Marathon is another big sports festival that happens every year in Osaka. The 195 km long track begins at Nagai Stadion, passes through Nakanoshima, Mid?suji and Osaka Castle park and heads back to thestadion. A further venue at Nagai is the Osaka Gran Prix Athletics Festival, hosted by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) in May.

Osaka GP is the only annual game of the IAF in Japan. Usaka was one of the hosts towns of the Women's Volleyball World Cup for 1998, 2006 and 2010. As one of Japan's leading centers for press and communication, Osaka is home to the head office of many media-related businesses. There is a rich TV programme in the town and each national TV system (with the difference of the TXN network) records its second major channel in Osaka.

Each of the five national news publishing groups also has its own provincial head office, and most locally owned papers throughout the country have offices in Osaka. However, large movie production in the town is unusual. Ad Council Japan is located in Osaka. Asahi Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Sankei Shimbun and Yomiuri Shimbun[66], all five of Japan's five national paper corporations, have their Osaka chapter and publish their chapter issues.

Osaka Osaka also hosts its Nichi-nichi Shimbun newsprint machine. Further newspaper-related enterprises based in Osaka are the local head office of FujiSankei Business i. ;Houchi Shimbunsha; Nikkan Sports; Sports Nippon and Kyodo News Jiji Presse bureaus; Reuters; Bloomberg L.P... Television Osaka, Inc. TXN and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation NNN, Osaka.

The NHK also has its own local train depot in the town. The AM stations are provided by NHK and ABC Broadcasting Corporation (Asahi), Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc. (MBS Radio) and Osaka Broadcasting Corporation (Osaka Osaka Radio), located in the town. The FM service is available from NHK, FM OSAKA, FM802 and FM Cocolo, the latest providers of multilingual programming, which includes English.

Usaka is home to many publishers, among them: Kaiyukan Osaka Tank - An Osaka bay tank with 35,000 marine life in 14 basins, the biggest of which contains 5,400 tonnes of marine life, among them a large number of marine life species such as marine cetaceans. Speedzan Giant Ferris wheel - A 112 meter high ferris wheel situated next to the fish tank in the inlets.

With a Sega Joypolis and a Ferris tire on the roof overlooking the town, HEP Five is a retail and entertainment area in Umeda. The Umeda Sky Building - Twin 173 metre skyscraper, spanned by a roof-mounted, floated garden observation tower with 360 degree breathtaking Osaka vistas. The building, beloved by photographers, also accommodates an subterranean commercial centre with a restaurant designed after the early Showa era of the 1920s.

Oraka Castle Park: Contains Osaka-j? Hall, a Japan prune flowering ( "Ume") orchard, a cherry flower nursery and much more. IAAF World Championships in Athletics 2007 took place in the Nagai Stadium in this area. Osaka Castle, demolished in 1868 and reconstructed in 1931. The Osaka Peace Pagoda, constructed by Nipponzan Myohoji in 1963.

Osaka's primary and secondary education is run by the town of Osaka. The Education Regulatory Authority is the Osaka City Board of Education. 69 ] The Osaka Prefectural Board of Education also operates secondary modern colleges. Skip up to: a p d p d "Historical overview, the Osaka city's offical homepage".

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