Orphanages in Yangon

Yangon Orphanages

Burma Ophanage Oraternary? Burma, Myanmar, is a land with many orphaned children. Irenee and Mary founded an abandoned home near Yangon. But even if we are an Orphan House, we have no legitimate document and no authorization to make these things far too complex for Myanmar and its system and we choose to act, take in orphaned children, help them in their training and do everything possible to help their develop.

Founded this children's charity called A Place Of Hope (Pre-School) in January 2010. And, as I was asked & the biggest goal in my whole lifetime, to take caring for an orphan & very impoverished kids. They are still in the process of the project and now the current size has grown to 4 kids and they have received education, residence, food, clothing, uniform, health services.

Orphans must come to Elementry, High School & College. Wherever no training is not a ethical norm in life and behavior. Even more important, I am dedicated to serving the needs of our kids, because this will help them overcome their circle of deprivation and become prospective prolific citizens and guides in our churches and in our state.

We have more orphaned and very desperate paupers coming to stay with us. But, as I am not able to sustain the plight of my own finances, limited resources that I needed even more help us in this powerful endeavor to receive more and more orphaned, impoverished and destitute people.

Serving the disadvantaged and desperate needy is a wonderful one. Will you please sponsor this home? A lot of kids are waiting for help and can't go to go to college without your help. I' m so glad to take care of these unhappy and desperate kids in the home. It will give a baby's delicate mind a lifetime of happiness.

I' m asking you to sponsoring at least one or two kids of your own choosing, because it only costs $55 per kid per months. The aim of this Mary-projects is to help and take good care of those who are less lucky than we are. With less luck I mean not only low in budgets, but also low in possibilities to unfold their own way of being.

In order to show my will to evolve this venture (and finance it at the same time), I began a challenging journey through Europe, Africa, Central and South America in Oct. 2013 by achieving many goals and doing it all by hitchhiking and on foot, all with a max monthly fund of 100Euro.

Of course this is a completely non-profit organization for me. Projec:: Initially this was a Mary one-man-show. To this end, the concept of simultaneously breeding a pig (selling pigs), a preschool (fees) and an adult home seems to be a fairly good idea: Firstly, the proceeds from the 2 firts will contribute to the expansion of the shelter.

Second, it makes the home a place where kids are growing up in touch with other kids, not just an orphan. This will also allow them to get some responsibilities and help for pre-school or pig breeding. Like you probably already mentioned in the above intro, Mary is a wholly religious being.

It is therefore only logical that orphaned children should be growing up in an atmosphere of belief. In any case, Mary is a very open-minded individual who enjoys sharing everything, without restriction by means of symbolical ideas or convictions. Pig breeding, preschool and orphanages have already started. Now, the only thing the project needs is some extra work - and a little involvement - to get started!

The Blessed Mother often welcomes orphaned children who need help. As soon as this work develops, Mary will be able to take in new children. At the moment the children of the children are Hannah, Ester, Noah, Adam, Ruth and Samuel. Below you can see the development of the development of the projects. They are cordially invited to take part in this venture by either share it with us or by supporting us financially.

We' re spending a few months on the orphanage: $55 per months for each child for meals, medical supplies, the schoolbus, clothing and tuition. Contemporary orphans: sufficient nutrition and education. Now Noah Ruth and Samuel are the youngest and last orphaned children. It is an open to the public and you are welcome to donate in any way, suggestions, advice, suggestions.......

The purpose of this website is to exchange information, but above all to enable the extension of the school.

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