Orphanages in Burma

Orephanages in Burma

Myanmar (formerly Burma) Christian services are dazed after being told to close their orphanages and other childcare and nutrition programmes for the poor. There are many beautiful, exotic and interesting sights in Myanmar, but an orphanage is not one of them. Visit to Myanmar's orphanages - Heaven's Familiy Just back from Myanmar, Burma, after two long week visits to our orphanages in Myanmar, David asked me (his subsidiary Charity) to do the Orphan's Tear review this off. I' ve gone to Myanmar with the first group and the second group is going to Myanmar this Friday. Since three years I have not been to orphanages in Myanmar and there have been many perceptible changes.

On the one hand, all kids are getting bigger! Thanks to donations to the Dorms for Orphanages Fund, almost all of Myanmar's orphanages have their own facilities. It is a great boon to see the kids in their own cement houses and not to be pushed into small straw huts.

We had a great quality of life in Myanmar's orphanages, but I notice two special orphanages. First one we went to was the orphanage of the Livinghope. As we arrived in our truck, the kids were all screaming around our crew, and each kid took one of the hands or arms of the next "foreigner" and took us to their brand-new home.

With all the sponsorships for kids and the great presents for Orphan's Tear, it' s much better for you. Livinghope Ophanage in Burma breeds not only kids, but also veggies and pork! A further particular place we went to was the Disability Centre in Burma. It is an institution that always affects people's heart.

Perhaps you have already seen the Handicapped Care Center Tour of their new build. That is how the handicapped centre's kids would live if it were not for the sympathetic heart of Peter Mang and his family. Because of poliomyelitis, most kids can't run.

If I take the actualized pictures of the kids, the manager of the Grace Orphanage, who speaks very good English, helps me. I couldn't find him at the centre for the handicapped. Later I learned that it was his first visit to the centre and he had to go because he was so emotive when he saw the kids limping and crawling down the stairs to take their pictures.

Though these kids' bodies are heartbreaking, you won't see their faces in mourning! Thian Nun Co (above) was a new addition to this year's Disability Centre in Burma. Once again, as every year, we hope that you will give away the Orphan's Tear Christmas Gift Cards for Christmas this year.

These can be the tense sharing to elasticity those hard-to-find-a sharing for person and adored one. OrphansTear. org has created a Christmas card section where you can give a present to a relative or relative for the Orphan's Tear Christmas Poison Fund. As you can see in the picture above, the greeting card is wonderful.

Orphans Tear offers a convenient way to order your tickets and you can use your cheque or your bank account to make a purchase. Probably all your Christmas purchases this year could be on your computer in 30 mins! You can also call us at (412) 833-5826 between 8 and 5 and order your tickets by telephone.

And, as always, nothing is taken for the management of your present. 100 percent of the funds we receive are sent abroad to satisfy the urgent needs of our orphans. You can order your tickets until December 15th so that you have your greeting card in your letterbox (or in your beloved ones' letterboxes) by December 25th!

They can still make a contribution to our Christmas presents for the orphaned and help to give each of our orphaned a Christmaspresent. The Christmas presents we give to the kids are the only presents that each one of them will have.

Also, the managers always use the Christmas money we give them to buy their kids new clothes or hot covers, so they need something really special. Orphan' s Tear can receive your Christmas presents as a gift via your personal Christmas gift certificate or via cheque.

We will send you a Christmas present as soon as possible, the better, because it will take us a while to get the money abroad. Xmas is only 31 weeks away! There have been many new faces for the kids in Myanmar's orphanages this year, and here's a kick!

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