Orphanage in Yangon

Yangon Orphanage

Instead, eight children who would have been forced to work in the fields receive education, warm food, loving parents and the Gospel in this orphanage in Myanmar. Myanmar House of Grace Orphanage. Join in - Donate. It is the country's most ethnically diverse city, home to many Indians, South Asians and Chinese. Irenee and Mary founded an orphanage near Yangon.

About orphanages in Myanmar

Lill and Stig Skaran have been working with religious institutions in Myanmar since we relocated to Yangon in 2004. When we returned to Norway in March 2013, we are still committed to help kids remain with their own communities. We' re doing this through a program named the Families Together.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to know more about the orphanage' s whereabouts.

Gospel of Jesus Christ

It' God's response to your prayer and your longing. God, the Creator of the world, is omnipotent, omniscient, full of charity and above all sacred. Sins break God's laws (for example, the 10 Commandments). All the lies we have spoken, every egoistic thought we have and every sins God knows deserve to be punished, bring us disgrace and in some cases awe.

Everyone has committed sin and so everyone is culpable before God and accountable for the disgrace and anxiety we have inflicted on ourselves. Encouraged by charity and because of His great compassion, God has decided not to give to everyone what we merit (death). Our answer is that God's child Jesus (who is all God) came to the world as a human being to lead a complete-lifestyle.

But then he passed away the kind of dying he did not merit on the crucifixion by taking upon himself the rage of God and taking our chastisement for us. Who' s Jesus? At the time of God's crucifixion, God was pouring out His righteous rage and rage upon Jesus so that He would not be pouring it upon you and upon me.

Jesus didn't remain alive! To prove that He was God and to prove that His Death was enough for our rescue, He has risen from the grave! We have great hopes, for Jesus has taken our place and is living again. He' going to hide their embarrassment, take away their anxiety and give them a new-hearted.

All the faithful are assured a new core (to experience differently), trust in happiness and a promises of everlasting living with God instead of in hell.

But it also means that we are living now to do as God says and we are loving Him.

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