Oriental Shorthair

Orietalic Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair is a breed of domestic cats closely related to the Siamese. Please read our Oriental Buying Advice for information about this cat breed. Find out everything about Oriental Shorthair cats. Orientalism can best be described as a colorful remake of the original "black and white" Siamese. Oriental Shorthair differs from the rest of the Siamese group in its wide range of colours.

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Oriental Shorthair is a race of house cats close to the Siamese. As the Siamese, the Oriental have almond-shaped points, a triangle-like form of the forehead, large sized hearing and an oblong, slim and muscle-like corpore. Oriental people are socially, intelligently, and many are rather noisy. In contrast to the blue-eyed ancestors of the race, the Oriental are mostly green-eyed.

1 ] The Oriental Longhair is only different in fur length. Oriental Shorthair is a member of the Himalaya race and can be found in different plain colours and designs like smok, shiaded, parti-color/tortoiseshell,[2][3] tabby[3] and bicolour (all above, with white). 4 ] Not all variations are accepted by all organisations that recognise the race.

In the longhaired variant of the race, the Oriental Longhair (recognized by CFA since 1995[2]) just bears a couple of longhair transgenes. Some of the spot-colored descendants of Oriental Shorthair are regarded by the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) as "any other strain" (AOV), but according to the family tree some can vie as color points.

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