Oriental Longhair

Eastern Longhair

Oriental is a member of the Siamese breeding group and is offered in two coat lengths: Oriental Shorthair and Oriental Longhair. For this purpose the Oriental Longhair is the newest addition to the long line of Siamese cats. Oriental, which can be short- or long-haired, can be found in hundreds of combinations of colours and patterns. In the course of time the Orientals produced some long-haired kittens. They are now recognized as an independent breed called Oriental Longhair.

Race profile: Of the Oriental

Oriental was designed to investigate all possible colours and patterns. Oriental has an equal colourful character. At busy times, your Oriental will find a way to stop your activity - a little push while eating, a thorough check of your toothbrush before use or some help binding your boots before you start in the mornings.

The Oriental is a slimly designed concept from the tip of the nostril to the end of the long, whipping cock. The Oriental represents a multifaceted group of females, which have their basis in breeding the Siames. The Oriental Longhair in this line of slender, buffets added in 1995 makes the Oriental Race a cattery for almost everyone.

They have the same charming body with the added benefit of a long satin fur and a long feathered cock. You are sure to find an Oriental with over 600 colour, sample and fur length combination to offer. A Siamese cat wears a top to bottom coats in either black, beige, red, ivory, black, blue, auburn, lilac, yellow or beige.

To make a glittering sub-wool, add the silvery genes (except for the whites ) and you have an oriental fum. You may want to limit the colour to the ends of your head instead. When you like stripe on your feet, cock and face, try a Tabby in one of four different patterns: classical, striped, spotted/tipped.

The Orientals included the two-tone design in their repertory in 1995. These clearly identified members of this race have already become a fan base with the clear underneath, the breasts and thighs. Think of one of the colours above, plus pointed colours that can be used in combination with the two-colour design!

Faithful to their origins, the oriental are also available in every conceivable spot colour, which includes exquisite luminescent spots of chestnut and tortoise-like smoky spots to the more conventional spot colours. As a rule, growers provide cats between 12 and 16 week. Sixteen consecutive wks later, the kitties have received their booster shots and have achieved the necessary levels of physiological and societal stabilization for a new habitat, showing or airborne transport.

Please ask the secretary of the Breeding Council for further information.

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