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Rex Oregon

Oregon Rex cat breed, characteristic of home breeding The first mention of the Oregon Rex breed was approximately seen. Selkirk Rex is developed as a large, heavy, boned cat, similar to the British Shorthair in the exterior. Rexiods, curly hair mutations were selected to develop new domestic cat breeds. a fourth Rexoid coat mutant in the cat. The REX is friendly, LA caliber, even with parking!

The Oregon Rex - Facts and Information

Oregon Rex comes from..... The Oregon Rex is said to have vanished in 1972 and is one of the few cats that have become extinct. Oregon Rex is also known as the Oregon Rex. Oregon Rex is characterized by It has a supple and sporty physique emphasized by Rex's scarcity of coat, long feet, a small round skull, big eyes and a small cock.

Oregon Rex has no protective coat, the outer coat that makes the cats look nude, albeit for thin, sometimes frizzy brush. Oregon Rex in general..... Former aficionados described the race as unconventional, persistent and not a good race selection for the first one. Oregon Rex would have averaged up to 10 lbs, with a normal lifespan of 12-15 years.

For no race is without its infirmity.....

Pictures of Oregon Rex cats and information

First Oregon Rex females arrived in 1944. As the first cat was borne, it was different from its brothers and sisters by its curled coat, while all other catkins from the same cast had a direct coat. The name of this cat was given in Oregon (USA).

The first Cornish Rex was soon crossed with Oregon Rex. A pure-bred Oregon Rex has been introduced since then and has become one of the most beloved Rex races in the USA. As most Rex kittens were crossed, the Oregon Rex did not survive as an independent race, and the last pure-bred Oregon Rex kitten passed away in 1972.

The Oregon Rex is a mutated feline. It' quite obviously the mutant that causes her frizzy head is the same as another Rex cattery. Crossbreeding with Oregon Rex traits can produce casts with a regular, non wavy skin. This is a housecat with Rexfellvariationen.

It was the consequence of a spur-of-the-moment gene alteration. It crossed with other Rex kittens and still fused with other Rex races like Cornish Rex and Devon Rex. The Oregon Rex kittens have a curled fur that is long, narrow and satin.

Oregon Rex kittens are very similar in nature to the other Rex races. They are very devoted, cheerful and can sometimes be a little overbearing. They have a dominating personality and can sometimes be difficult to use.

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