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Nan Myaing Hotel Orchid

239 Expert reviews of Orchid Nan Myaning Hotel Anyone who could tell others better about the free breakfasts, the welcoming personnel or the peaceful room than someone who has lived on the premises before? Some of the most useful posts are in-depth and help others make better choices. The man at the front desk didn't laugh much, but he was still willing to help, attentive and courteous to me.

Breakfasts were the same every day, but they were still tasty. Also, the breakfasts were fantastic! The only thing ?There had was cool running hot tub and the taps were constantly leaky, so the ground was always damp.

When I was there, there was a violent rain shower, so I could not go into the city, but I enjoyed running through the yard and to a near-by raft. I was loaned anumbrella by the personnel and they took candlelight into my room when the electricity went out because of the rain.

A free motorbike shuttles to the railway was very useful as the site is so far outside the city. Rooms are quite large and have a sweet colorful charme. The breakfast was good, and there's a place right by the road. There is not always warm running kettle available for showering.

In order to ask for warm running waters, you must leave the room and go to another house where there was a front desk. This is a catastrophe. Not enough personnel to be of service. Then why not switch to our refreshment bar atmosphere to alleviate your lack of people?

Fortunately, my Mandalay transportation left me right in front of the hotel. There is a very welcoming personnel, a good service, free bikes (this function) and a free shuttles to the railway stations in the early mornings. This whole place is astonishing with the colorful architectural style and various structures - I just hopefully it will stay that way.

The employees are kind and supportive. www.com old colorful old building. There was a historic ambience, the kind, highly effective employees who speak English well. A tranquil place with a lovely backyard and a hammock. It' s cool in Pyin Oo Lwin at dark, but we had some thick covers. ?Very kind and supportive personnel.

This whole place lets you sense and live the colorful past of Pyin Oo Lwin even more. In the hotel there are bikes and motorbikes available. ?There was a issue with warm drinking fountain waters. So we had to take a showers with cool running waters. The hotel is a little far from the city centre.

A very large backyard and many a hammock. You have a good meal. Lovely personnel. It was a good feeling to be in a hundred year old house. Beautiful surroundings and lots of room. He is also freezing - had to ask the front desk to turn on the warm running tap and allow half an hours.

The restaurant was very practical: personnel, a good buffet breakfasts, a quaint place, a refrigerator and a water boiler. ?Friendly Employees. ?Very Lovely things. That'?s a great one. It is astonishing place, it is constructed in the old English way, beautiful backyards, high ceiling, fireplace in the rooms (unfortunately does not work), but it still felt like a journey into the story.

Beautiful breakfasts, balls, English teas, toast, avocados,..... The room ?The was quite cool, as an old house that is comprehensible!

There are four two-storey houses on a large property (grass, tree, plants). In Burma breakfast is commonplace; egg, sandwich, pot of boiled cup of freshly boiled milk or teas, fruits. Felt like a journey back in history to the Colonies. Pleasant personnel. ?A Beautiful residence with three comfortable single bed. Shower's good and there's plenty of warm running cold weather during the daytime.

Wi-Fi is good in the communal areas, with a very good buffet and good eating. www. berlin.de gardens, the friendliest and most supportive personnel, neat and convenient amenities and really good cuisine! and they said they had a small tube for warm drinking in. We had a bad breakfest, especially compared to the hotel in Myanmar.

The old quaint hotel is located in a nice suburban park. There is a very nice personnel and good meals for lunches and dinners in the dinning room. I would definitely suggest that you stay here on your stop in Pyin Oo Lwin, what a great way to do it!

It is an old hotel with old furnishings. I had a good team. Ownership is enormous, gardens are like a small parc. You' re getting your own lovely private bath. The personnel is very kind and the breakfasts are good. There is a beautiful arrangement of the building in the backyard, the bedrooms are large, tidy rooms with only three (really comfortable) single bed.

We had a great service and the personnel liked that you can use one of the bikes of the hotel for free. The house is very well maintained. The employees are very kind and supportive. www.com employees are very kind. They were very obliging and supportive. It was also beautifully situated, in a green and tree-lined setting, outside the city center.

Indonesia: ?The Breakfasts could be enhanced by proposing locally produced Myanmar dishes. www.com employees are very kind. It has a beautiful and natural ambience, which I like more than the town. The ?Very employees were kind, fortunate, and couldn't do enough to help. An old casemate with historical flair. Have a good one.

The town' s amenities are really beautiful. It' an old army colony. All the rooms and the bathrooms were beautiful and big. The hotel has a very comfortable ambience, it is almost a hundred years old (1918) and the weather here is very gentle, a great easement from the hot weather in Mandalay.

Not much of the area around, but there are gorgeous falls and a nice botanical gardens nearby. we-car.ch is too far from the town.... the personnel does not really know English, many misunderstandings..... bathroom needs renovating and repainting because the wall is filthy.... bed is tough and rooms are cool at dark--....

You will find 3 old charming rooms in a large garden right in front of the town. and the friendliness of the personnel. It was a very large room with beautiful furnishings. ?Colonial Buldings - about 100 years old.

Throughout my whole visit I can see English troops running through the huge, well-maintained gardens drinking their afternoon teas, ha ha ha. Feels like being in a hotel, not a dorm. www.com old collonial group of houses is beautiful. The bed is comfy, the ambience is genuine (you are in a baronial building!) and there is plenty of area.

Only lukewarm showers per night. The next morning very warm waters. The breakfast was bad, too. The place is made up of employees and old-school-charms. The employees were so kind and always smile. At ?We the upper room was too big, didn't use the living room, but it was a pleasant feel.

The reasons (and very cute dogs) are beautiful. They are very authentic structures, parquets and high ceiling. It' a true old-fashioned flavour. The ?The hotel is an old house, so something you are feeling is a little old. However, we like this type of historic structure over contemporary one.

The buildings and the surrounding area are great, quiet and relaxed. Also, the breakfasts are very delicious and full! ?The breakfasts are very good. Our personnel can organize busses, collective taxis etc. for you. Spacious communal areas and rooms do not have a pleasant ambience and often have a literal and metaphorical feeling of cool.

Even though some of our employees are not always professional. www.bizarre place to find a place to sleep, old British colony with several houses and a beautiful backyard. A good basic breakfasts, beautiful possibilities for supper or lunches. Free of charge supply of bottled hot and cold running pool water and towel. It' a very old place and it doesn't really feels good to be.

Ain' much warmth. The people at www. com are very kind and assisted us with everything we needed. A good buffet break www.com needs a better and more common cleansing, the breakfasts are the same every single working days. www. christian.com personnel, free teas and bottled coffee, connected restaurants are in order, good breakfasts. Beautifully located, just outside the city, but that's no issue as the hotel has free bikes.

Assistive personnel. Okay, breakfasts. It would have been great if some of the chimneys had been set on fire - the whole hotel was very cool! All in all, this is a delightful hotel/hotel that keeps it easy and preserves a great deal of charme. The hotel had so much personality! There is a large garden to chill out in and the hotel personnel was very kind and supportive.

Even the meals were good and very reasonable. www.chilly. www. chilli is a very poor thing. www. chic english building with charm. Beautiful breakfasts and great Wifi (which is strange in Myanmar). www. europe.com employees were very supportive and the meal was tasty. To have a well-kept backyard where you could take a stroll in the evenings was so beautiful.

It is not far from the Allerheiligenkirche, where I prefer to go. This hotel is in a very good area. The hostel is a pleasant place and the central entrance is comfortable. It is a great place and the design of the hotel fits very well. We have a great ambience, an open plan area, a great deal of open spaces, proximity to the countryside, our personnel and our services are outstanding.

www. arvato.com is a very large park. So we could go to the hotel and get some mud and soccer with the gear.

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