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Winner of the video editor for Linux, Mac and Windows! Start today and install our software. Hide, move, jump and move everything in your movie with our high-performance animations family. Include as many levels as you need for watermarking, wallpaper movies, sound files, and more. With our visual effect rendering tool you can delete the backgrounds of your movies, reverse the colours, change the intensity and much more.

Visualise your sound data as waveshapes and even display the waveshapes as part of your stream. It' never been so easy to add songs to your music. Create beautifully rendered, motion-packed 3-D tracks and visuals, such as snows, flare lenses, and text on the fly. Invert, slow and accelerate the performance of your videos.

It' so simple to get involved in your work.


Likewise, your projects are cross-platform, so you can store a movie in one operating system and open it on another. Full functionality of the editors is available on all major operating systems. A complete listing of support file types can be found in the FFmpeg projec. You can use a track to overlay pictures, movies and sound in a single track.

Allows you to make any number of levels, such as watermarking, wallpaper soundtracks, wallpaper movies, etc..... If you arrange a clip in a movie projekt, pictures are shown on the higher tracks/layers above and the lower track behind them. Featuring our sophisticated time-line engine, you can make a great movie with a host of great functions.

Drag and drop, resize and resize your movie scenes, zoom in and out, align, set your own motion and preferences, trim, snap, and more! You can use the arrows on your keypad to move through your movie projects image by image. Reversing the order of a film. Or, use our high-performance keyframe animator to move the pace and orientation of your film.

Or you can divide the sound of your movie clips and customize each of them. Capture your images with advanced visuals, which include luminance, color, gamma, grayscale, blue screen/green screen and more! Draw a movie effect onto your clips and customize its characteristics (many of them can be animated).

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