Ooredoo Internet Package Myanmar

Myanmar Ooredoo Internet Package

The Ooredoo Internet provides more than its language services, and it is true: The bonus credit, for example, cannot be used to purchase data packages. Myanmar Ooredoo is an Internet service provider operating in Myanmar. Plus, Internet Pack, Talky Pack etc. Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Algeria, Tunisia, Indosat Ooredoo and Myanmar.

Reykjavik - Myanmar

Welcome to Myanmar's crystal-clear high-definition calling and high-speed Internet for everyone! Ooredoo allows you to get in touch with anyone you want at a reasonable price. Our ecosystem is expanding every single business day, so you can use the most sophisticated 3G and 4G technologies in more and more places in Myanmar.

You have the whole oceans in your hand (today). Benefit from our broad offer of voice, text, Internet and other portable applications. Ooredoo puts the whole universe in your hand. Ooredoo in Myanmar provides advanced 3G wireless connectivity and a broad spectrum of SMS to file sharing and storage options.

We at Ooredoo have you in our sights.

Reykjavik - Myanmar

As Myanmar N ATIONAL, what kind of registry documentation do I need to sign up for an Ooredoo pre-paid SIM? Every Myanmar citizen over 12 years of age with a current NRC or driver's licence can buy an Ooredoo SIM. You' ll need to take your NRC with you to the retailer or Ooredoo Shop to sign up for an Ooredoo online-sim.

Every alien over 12 years of age and having a current pass can buy an Ooredoo SIM. Before you can sign up for a pre-paid Ooredoo SIM, you must take your Myanmar visas and passports to your dealer or Ooredoo shop. You can call free of charge from an Ooredoo SIM at 234.

We are open 24/7. The number of a non Ooredoo SIM is +95997000234. Please note: A call to another provider's Ooredoo Contact Center will be billed by the supplier. Nope. Data/Internet facilities are installed on all Ooredoo SIMs by standard. Which Ooredoo certified equipment is available?

On the Ooredoo website, you can access the equipment section for the full Ooredoo approved equipment family. Is it possible to call other destinations and send text messages with my Ooredoo SIM? The Ooredoo Group runs an International Direct Dial (IDD) system. There is no need to sign up for this feature as it is already available on your Ooredoo SIM.

For the costs of calls and SMS, please visit our calls abroad page on the website. Which value-added network is available on Ooredoo 3GIM? You have many standard or unsubscribed phone numbers on your phone such as call queuing, call miss alerts, call back, caller's number.

If I have a corrupted recharge card, what should I do? You can use your Ooredoo SIM for your mobile phone to roam without having to sign up for the game. For information on what destinations and fees will apply during your trip, please visit the page on our website, entitled International Mobility.

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