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There are no additional costs with our new Endless Internet Packs! Home; Ooredoo Oman Internet Packages. Now Ooredoo Oman offers new mobile Internet plans that will draw your attention. Ooredoo Oman Self-Care App is designed to meet the needs of our customers.

All Minutes & Internet Bundles Package.

Infinite Internet packages

Breakthrough capabilities that allow you to benefit from endless LAN based file sharing with full invoice security and minimized file-pricing! There are no additional costs with our new Endless Internet Packs! Shahry subscribers only can now use your Internet package with a super-fast 4G+ connectivity, and once your package is exhausted, you can use the Internet at a lower rate of 2G until your subscription is renew.

Enjoy an endless Internet connection: Select one of our Endless Internet Packs as an add-on either as a stand-alone Internet SMS for use on your tablet and My-Fi device, or as an add-on to your current Shahry schemes. In order to enable your chosen Internet Pack as an add-on to an already installed Shahry Plan, use Ooredoo App or SMS the license key to 114.

In order to unsubscribe from the Internet Pack, send the SMS'Stop DP' to 114. In order to enable your chosen Internet package as a stand-alone Internet SIM, please go to any Ooredoo shop. Autonomous Internet SIM user can visit'My MBB' Ooredoo. For a stand-alone Internet SIM, please go to an Ooredoo shop. We have a speed booster especially for you!

When you want to recover your pace before your spending money is updated, you can add: In order to enable the chosen booster, please transmit the activating key to 114. In order to disable your booster pack, please transmit STOP SB to 114. Please note: Speed-Boosters will not be reimbursed after deactivation. One of our Data Recharge Cards can be used to recharge your memory card to get your dong!

Internet - Ooredoo

Get high-speed Internet that suits all your needs with an extra feature of our new post-paid-routers. We at Ooredoo are here to help you reach your lifestyles objectives. Making your contemporary lifestyles easier to manage with a handset as important as your cell phones.

After 6 month you have the possibility to get a second unit under the same agreement! You can select not only that, but also the desired instrument model. So if you have a smart phone, you might want to just want to put a tray, a game panel or just another smart phone.

It is available for both old and new Internet packages, as well as for Internet packages. Shop owners can select from cell phone, gaming tablets or VCR. Web bundled clients can select between gaming consoles for tablets, routers and videos. This function is available to the client after 6 month after signing the policy by fully and regularly covering all costs per month.

Clients can purchase an extra equipment cost in addition to their subscription for 12, 18 or 24 month or for the remainder of the term of the subscription. In the event that the main subscription is cancelled and the client pays extra equipment fees, it is possible to extend the subscription for the same package.

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