Only in Burma

In Burma only

Unless there is a serious reaction, the atrocities will be repeated - and not only in Burma. Not only in Burma, but also in India and the British Empire. Cheap prices for shipping to Burma compare with the world's best couriers including DHL & UPS. Life as punk in Burma is not just a lifestyle or a copy of Western trends, it is an act of rebellion. Newest tweets of the Burma Task Force (@BurmaTaskForce).

1. If you turn on your telephone on your day of departure and find that there is no telephone support.

Burma: a country of smile, temple, no telephone service, cow-powered cabs, unbelievable sundowns and the strange buddhistic sanctuary. Since I got home I have been trying to work through everything I have seen there (which was a lot). I thought that after much thought,ifs were the only response.

If you ask the cost of popsicles and it's only 20c. Do you want to explore Burma on your own? Use of all GIF' s by friendly permission of, unless otherwise noted.

Burma/Myanmar: Things everyone needs to know® - David Steinberg

However, what has happened in Myanmar since the November 2010 election has fundamentally changed the inner moods of Myanmar and has astonished even Myanmar's experienced international witness. Pre-electoral gloom and the election results, which led many international commentators to call it "sham" or "fraud", slowly gave way to the recognition that there was a definite shift in the poll.

Burma/Myanmar is strategically located between the emerging economies of China and India.

Burma: State of Myanmar - David I. Steinberg

Burma, or Myanmar, is one of the least known and most important states in the run. Steinberg examines the origin of this year's turbulent incidents and analyses a whole series of previous generations of armed forces and their efforts to tackle the nation's challenges. It concentrates on the roles of the army, the impact of Burma's geo-political situation, the needs of the impoverished, the devastation of civilian societies and increasing national tension.

Fire Dragons: Banks, Money Lenders and Microfinance in Burma - Sean Turnell

It examines the current conditions of Burma's plight, but does not ignore how it got there. In Burma's tumultuous contemporary past, finance and currency developments have been unusual - spectacular - high-profile. Of the big state libraries of the democratic years over the "Orwellian Volksbanken" of the Burmese way to nationalism.

Beginning with Burma's strange experience of demonstration and ending with the ascent and fall of entrepreneurs. It' a tragic and important tale.

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