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Burma Online Visa

You can also get an "e-Visa" online. These are the steps to apply for an evisa: Fill out the secure online form. You are the visitor and current online visitor. It is easy to apply for a Myanmar visa at consulates and embassies, as well as through the online e-visa system.

Obtaining your tourist visa to Myanmar (Burma) - Stray Asia

After the United States lifted the trading penalties, large companies such as GE, Mastercard and PepsiCo have recently begun to invest in Myanmar, so the moment has come to see Myanmar in its real, non-commercial glory. When you are not a Vietnamese, Philippine, Indonesian, Brunei, Cambodian or Lao resident, you will need a Myanmar entry permit.

It is good to know that people from 100 different nations now have the opportunity to get a Tourist eVisa before they arrive, and it is unbelievably easily! While some Myanmar airport authorities provide visas upon your arrivals, getting a pre-booking is always a less strenuous alternative. Myanmar's migration website is clear and the whole procedure is simple.

You will see "APPLY YOUR EVISA NOW" nicely and clearly on the homepage and while the English language may not be on the point, the remainder of the website is. They can even verify the state of your visas on the website. When you click on'Apply', choose your citizenship from a drop-down menu, select'Tourist Visa' (the only option) and choose your immigration harbour (one of three major cities - either Mandalay, Yangon or Nay Pyi Taw).

Nor are there any buses or trains connecting Myanmar with another county, and you cannot cross the frontier by road or motorcycle. But with low-cost carriers like AirAsia now serving the three major cities, air transport is definitely the way to go! You will need to accept some Ts and Cs, such as promises to comply with Myanmar's law, to stop working and not to go to forbidden areas, before you begin to enter any furtherdetail.

Be sure to know your travel agent's name when you travel with a travel agent and be ready to load up a default ID photograph of yourself taken in the last 3 month. A Myanmar eVisa will cost $50USD, which you can purchase with Mastercard (surprise, surprise) or Visa when you apply for it.

You will get an e-mail with confirmation of your deposit - not your permit - within one hours - this takes up to 3 working day. As soon as you have received your visas, you must arrive within 90 working day of the date of issuance and finish your trip through Myanmar within 28 workdays. You can only travel to Myanmar once on your Myanmar travel visas, so make sure you make the most of it!

Abstract of Myanmar Tourist eVisa: eVisa available to people from 100 different nationalities. Make your payment on-line with your Mastercard or Mastercard. Processing within 3 working day. To be visited within 90 working day after the exhibition. The trip must be completed within 28 day after arrival. Visas are for 1 time only. -Stray is not responsible for Myanmar visas.

If you plan to visit Myanmar, please fill in your own research at the appropriate embassy.

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