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Online-Translation No matter whether you have just begun to learn a new one or are a professional linguist, our translation services will suit your needs. As we know, it can be difficult to choose the right translation. That' s why our glossaries are full of syonyms, samples and contexts to see how words are used in actual work.

You will find funny samples of how we learned German at the end, one speech abuse after the other and useful information on how to use foreign countries' foreigners. We have a multi-lingual staff and this is what our bi-lingual dictionary creation methodology reflects.

As we know, the final need in the search for a translation is to be able to understand the term and use it in your daily work. This is why we contain much more information than just translations: words are used in their respective contexts. Hands-on application notes will help you to understand the words and incorporate them into your lexicon in the world.

You will find sample phrases for each translation in our glossaries. Similar translation will show you other uses of the term. After all, when you learn a new verbs, you can look up the entire conjugation: you won't just get attached to the infinitive shape! When you want to practise the new words in an entertaining way, you can use our speech plays (Spoiler: Hangman is addictive!).

When you are looking for more challenges and want to get new facts in a different country, you can discover a multitude of subjects with our English-Quizers. We have a broad spectrum of translation services, from general meanings to the most specialised shades. "You may ask yourself, how can I select from all the possible translations?"

If you want, you can directly access the text field that refers to the most appropriate for your translation. Different meanings mean different ways of using a certain term. We' re continually increasing the quantity and accuracy of our dictionaries: be sure, new languages and more will follow in the nearest future.

We have online glossaries covering a wide range of foreign nationalities. This is a listing of available translation options by family: the following are available for translation Romanic langauges (French, Italien, Portugiesisch, Spanish, Romanian ), Germanische Sprachen (English, Deutsch, Niederländisch, Schwedisch, Norwegisch, Dänisch), Slawische Sprachen (Russian, Polish, Tschechisch), Asiatische Sprachen (Chinese, Japanisch, Koreaan, Indonesisch, Thai, Vietnamese).

So what is the next recording in? We are always interested in adding new tongues and discovering new linguistic pairs in our online multi-lingual dictionary.

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