Online Shopping website in Yangon

Yangon Online Shopping Website

It's not that easy in Myanmar - but that hasn't stopped people from selling their businesses online. " There are now many online shopping shops in Myanmar. Sheroca's mail was shared by Myanja Online Shopping. The Myanja Online Shopping has updated its website address. Nowadays;

Jul. Nevertheless, people still find it unpleasant to use online shopping websites.

Shopping in Myanmar

A number of businesses have made online shopping easier with just one click. It' s not that easy in Myanmar - but that hasn't kept consumers from doing that. In recent years, Myanmar has seen increased interconnectivity and the sales of clothing, electronics and other items have become more popular in the state, particularly in Yangon.

Now that more and more consumers are becoming more and more portable with Ooredoo, Telenor and MPT, it' s easy for them to shop online on Facebook and online shopping sites. While shopping in Myanmar's second biggest town usually has become a tradition, with shoppers going to the shops to personally buy what they need, Mandalay residents have also shown a burgeoning interest in online shopping - a buying and ordering activity that requires them to search for goods online, make payment via bank and wait up to 10 weeks for delivery.

In 2007 Ma Nan Lae Lae Lae Soe opened her apparel business Hello Queen. Encouraged by the support of repeat clients from all over Myanmar, she tried out an online storefront last year. She' has set up a Facebook profile for Hello Queen to publish pictures and prizes for apparel and take orders.

Your online web site also provides a home or coach station supply point that purchases 50,000 K or more. She said that more information about her business in Mandalay than before and that she was selling more. It finds that an online storefront can appeal to a broader public than advertisements in papers and journals.

Meanwhile, 19-year-old Su Pyi Kyi Thar Hlaing has started an online clothing shop to combine boyfriends with everything the web has to offer rather than selling her own style. "I' m often sick of looking for updates in shopping centres and other fashions outlets, but I can find them on the Internet," she said.

Maw Su Pyi Kyi Thar Hlaing said she often shops for clothes online and then shared images of shopping on Facebook. "She said, "My mates who like the way I dressed, order on their name from online stores," she added, and added that it's been about six month since she began shopping for others.

Although she has set up an online shopping site named Unicorn and Rainbow, she publishes contents and accepts orders via her Facebook-personals. It is clear that clients are interested in surfing and purchasing online. But shopping on the Internet poses a risk for providers and users in Myanmar, where neither online nor cell phone shopping is known.

Now, online vision itself is a challenge, as it can be difficult for people to decide what they want to buy on the basis of photographs. When a garment ordered is too large, sellers may be able to reduce its dimensions. Opening Mandalay's Little Things She Needs Fashion Shop in 2011, Ma Ei Lay said she did not like online shopping but will soon integrate it into her store to meet consumer demands.

"Because the colors of some garments are not the same as on the pictures, I don't like[online shopping]... Then there are lateness in the supply system," she said. However, the disadvantages of launching an online shop - payroll issues and possible revenue losses - are offset by hands-on benefits such as a low barriers to entering, according to Su Pyi Kyi Thar Hlaing, who said she opened her online shop at K1 million.

"The majority of those who don't have enough to open a store have a reasonable size," said Ma Ei Lay. Buying a company is a big barrier for all businessmen, while setting up a company means practically reducing the cost of rental and personnel, as the owner does not have to buy real estate online.

Shopping and online sale can facilitate the sale for sellers and clients. However, no mater how comfortable a walk to a shop is, Ma Ei Lay believes that after a while folks will begin to shop online. It is a symbol of the age, one associated with the expansion of Myanmar interconnectivity.

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