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An Amazonian business model focused on fashion and electronics. We offer the highest quality of Myanmar silk and clothing. On-line shopping malls like are not the only sites that have a lot of visitors these days. Many people choose online shopping to save time.

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Customers of Myanmar trust in online shopping

Myanmar's online shopping on Facebook has been evolving since 2013 and the trading volumes are obviously up. With domestic and overseas telecommunications providers selling cheap online broadband access card SIMs at reasonable rates, Myanmar's online shopping community has grown fast at all ages.

The Myanmar Computer Association reported that e-commerce, also known as online shopping, began in 2006. Back then, the tendency was not one of online transaction, but only one product advert. The online transaction began in 2011. Myanmar's online customer offerings in Myanmar cover beauty, medical, clothing, furnishings, electronics, kitchen utensils, gemstones and jewelry.

There are two different types of online shopping. Every e-store proprietor can buy articles from a wholesaler and then sell them on their online site with a storage system. Other companies are collecting article orders from the customer with pre-paid system and deliver the orders as soon as the articles have been purchased. Overseas online shopping is generally less expensive than the price of a retailer, as they do not have to hire a grocer.

However, most online article pricing in Myanmar is higher than the pricing of conventional retail stores. It is not only that many online articles are more costly, but also the ads of the articles and the real qualitiy of the articles supplied tend to be very different. "and I don't believe in online shopping. In most cases they overdo both the workmanship of their articles and the cost.

Someone I know put an electric ventilator for K9,000 online, but in the stores on the street it was only K5,000 for the same number. I' d rather go shopping in local stores so I can select and buy my favorite products locally," said Ma Phyo Phyo, a Kamaryut Towsnhip client in Yangon, Myanmar Business Today.

The online shopping industry is expanding with an increase in the number of Facebook pages, but has no influence on the overall sales volume of in-store shopping. An online shopkeeper, a realtor, Ma Khaing Ye, said online shopping has some benefits like cutting transport cost and buying online, delivering in-depth information on the site, a door-to-door supply system and conserving people's power as compared to shopping outdoors.

"I' m used to purchasing articles from online stores, and that will save me a lot of extra work, but the quantities must be stated before I order my favorite articles, for example the shoe size," added Ma Khaing Ye. Shopping in-store, also has benefits such as the selection of preferred articles and checking the overall qualitiy, but the search for item details is often not available.

"Online-advertisement has its strong points. Describe the drawbacks and benefits of articles. This is hardly ever made clear to the customer during in-store shopping. This is an asset of online shopping," said Ma Khin War Wint, who owns a Facebook page that sells cosmetic product, over MyanmarBusinessToday. However, in fact, there are periodic expenses in online shopping, as well as online invoices and ads via Facebook to attract more prospective clients.

"When I use the sponsorship programme to increase my contribution to Facebook, the contribution will be extended to more Facebook people. E-shopping tendencies have evolved in terms of efficiencies and conventional merchants have switched their business to online shopping on Facebook. It' likely that online shoppers will launch their online activities first through Facebook to get more shoppers and then guide them to in-store shopping, says Ma Khin War Wint.

Shopping online on Facebook is something completely different from ours. â??We do not believe that Facebook-based shopping is our competitor,â Ko Zaw Wai, Communicationsmanager at the local online shopping website Kaymu, told Myanmar Corporate Today. While Myanmar's online shopping trends have improved, the industry still needs to develop confidence between consumers and vendors.

Many people have therefore no longer trusted the online shopping site. They need to establish reciprocal confidence on the side of the site holders to grow the business," said Ma Aye Chan Khaing, proprietor of Warso Online Shopping site.

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