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World' s most trusted English dictionary and thesaurus. Collins' online English dictionary. The ideal dictionary for the English word reference, plus thesaurus to expand your word power. Willkommen bei Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online. Bulgarian-English dual open source dictionary.

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When a business goes online, its service becomes available on the Internet......the first banking institution to go online. An online mall. Allows you to talk to other online users. Webster's New World College dictionary, 4th edition. So if you already have a favorite area, go online and find others from that area.

more.....: When you are online, your computer is online. If you' re doing something online, do it while you're online on a computer or online. I' m buying most of my dresses and footwear online.

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Meaning sorted by number. Ordinary meaning comes first. This is a faster way to find the meaning you are looking for. Meaning is summarized with words or brief sentences. Help you find words with more than one meaning. In contrast to free online glossaries, our terms use popular words. Use the Longman definition vocabulary of 2,000 words.

Easily understandable definition, regardless of your language proficiency.

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This is the ideal free online English dictionary - a great resource for English learners around the globe. Free online theesaurus is fully embedded in dictionary posts and displays useful syonyms and related words. Macmillan's dictionary blog is a must for anyone interested in the change of the English langua.

A detailed monthly report deals with a new or topical English term. Subscribe to the RSS Feeds of our World of the Day function on the blogs. Here's your opportunity to contribute: include your words in our English recording as it is used today.

You can use the built-in double-click to double-click on any page or choose text to display a Macmillan Dictionary defining. This is a choice of ways to get fast and easy to use dictionary entries directly from your webpage. We keep up with English as it is available to us.

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