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On-line dictionary download

This online dictionary explains the meaning of words based on English, Italian, French, Portuguese, German and Spanish. main characteristics If there comes a period when you can't find the right meanings of the term and you get bogged down there for a while; online dictionary is there to help you find the words that seem hard to you. Regardless of the font sizes or number of words, the program can translate the words for you.

Bing Translator, PROMT, Yahoo Babelfish are good for text translations, while Google, Babylon, Lingvo are good for words in isolation. Multi-lingual dictionary that makes your work easier, as most of the world's linguistic resources are available in this application. To get the desired results, you can review the words you type in the dictionary.

You can use a double-click mice to speed up the work. It can be done according to the nature and extent of the words to be translated. While you can choose which of our services is more comfortable for you, if not, the application will do it at your location.

Free language translator that makes translating less annoying and more interesting because it is fast and offers different user choices.

On-line dictionary

Easy and free use without advertising! ? Wildcard searching * and? ? Camerasearch via OCR Plugin, only available on Android 4.2 or later units with rear view cam. If you have your telephone with spoken information on it ( "text-to-speech" engine), you can hear the spoken part.

AuthorizationsThis program needs the following authorizations:

Definitions and meanings of words at

ForeverImproving Your Vocabulary Doesn't Only Mean Handling the Before. is the world's premier online resource for defining words, syonyms, word origin, pronunciation, sample sentence, phrase, phrase, pun, law and medicine, words of the moment and more. has been assisting million of users to make better use of the languages of the world for over 20 years with its free online translation service.

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