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First and foremost, OneMap Myanmar is a project of technical support for. OnMap Myanmar: Enables a multi-stakeholder environment for the joint production of data, information and knowledge ashore. Picture can include: one or more persons, seated persons, child and outdoor. How's the OneMap project? Cards are ideal because all data have one thing in common - the location.

Center for Development and Environment (CDE):

Myanmar OneMap

Berne University

OneMap Myanmar seeks to democratise rural geodata accessibility, thus helping to ensure more transparency and responsibility in rural and other resource use. In order to reach this objective, CDE works with over 20 governments, civic organisations and indigenous groups and societies to collectively generate, improve, validate and exchange information, intelligence and know-how on important rural matters.

OneMap Myanmar offers new opportunities for dialog and negotiation on the solution of territorial disputes and the sustained growth of the state. As part of the research the open source geodata portal collects and makes available information on lands from various government and non-governmental resources.

The project combines the relevant information from the federal administration on the use of lands, coverage and ownership - with participative mapping tools that have been devised by municipalities and publicly funded crowd-sourcing schemes. OneMap Myanmar supports these diverse concurrent workflows and datasources, highlighting the diverse - and sometimes conflicting - demands on shore that have to be taken into account by country governments in order to achieve a more efficient use of shore use.

OneMap Myanmar is a long-term engagement of the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Cooperation (SDC), which is being realised by the CDE in cooperation with the Country Core Group, a civic organisation headquartered in Myanmar. This eight-year EurActiv programme will support the building of capacities of government bodies and civic societies, the creation and improvement of geospatial data sets and the creation of novel instruments and research papers to support evidence-based decision-making in Myanmar's extremely diverse environment.

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The One Map projects works with governments, civic groups, national groups and local authorities to create, improve and exchange high-quality and accurate information on the country and other physical assets. OneMap, the freely accessible geodata portal, democratises multisectoral use. This should serve as an efficient foundation for open and responsible agriculture and rural policy as well as public and private sector programming.

With the support of governments and civic organizations, OneMap offers room for multi-stakeholder-based generation and validation of core data, thus enabling the equal representation of different rural prospects.

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