One Day in Yangon

A day in Yangon

Myanmar's cities offer endless discoveries. Each of us spends a day in Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan, starting with the cultural and commercial heart of Myanmar. I correct myself, Yangon, on an insanely hot day with our backpacks. The Yangon One Day City Tour. Adorers pray on the one that correlates with the day of the week on which they were born.

Pagoda of Swedish Railways

Yeah, Yangon has a notoriety. This is the first place most travelers visit in Myanmar. This is the most important city in Myanmar (although I use the word easily) and is often referred to as "just one big city. While I can definitely see how some could get this feeling, in the end I was really amazed by the hectic pace in Yangon and really enjoying my stay there.

Most of Yangon's attractions can be easily visited in two full day, but if you only have one day, you can still see a large part of the town. Aka the' Golden Pagoda', this solid stupa is probably the most popular tourist destination in Yangon.

The day of my visit it was unbelievably cloudy, which unfortunately means that the unbelievable color of the picture was not translated into images, but that didn't stop me from continuing! At 99 meters high, Sweden is the holiest Buddhist couch in all of Myanmar, and it was certainly a marvelous initiation into the country of many (many, many, many) couches.

While I was in this pit I was really amazed at how few visitors there were from abroad! As I went to Myanmar and was fully conscious of the ongoing massacre ( "genocide") (which I will talk about in more detail later), and as such I had thought that the number of visitors would be declining, but I was still in awe!

And in that period I saw only three other travelers! Instead, the cemetery was full of Myanmar residents who came to prayer to honor their religions........ Shwedagon' s admission price is 8,000 Kyat, which is approximately $8 US dollars. Yangon is wet and warm - think of the Thai climate, but with less rains.

Lesser-known and less large and less imposing than most, this is also free to go in, full of local people, without travelers, and allows you to actually go into one of the outings! It' situated directly opposite the Shwedagon pit and is definitely recommendable.

This huge building from the 1950' s is one of the biggest Buddha pictures in Myanmar and by far the most popular in Yangon. More pagodas! It is in the centre of the town and although it is much smaller than Shwedagon, this is actually much older and probably dates back to 2600 years ago.

The doorway will throw you back 2000 Kyat, and it is best to leave your boots in your pocket instead of leaving them at an doorway - some of the "friendly" ladies who work there will ask for cash if they have kept your boots safely. Strand is located near the famous and most famous beach resort in Myanmar.

From 1901, the classic resort has a stylish, peaceful and cosy lounge with an ample selection of cocktails. Pricing is pricey by Myanmar, but if you only try one beverage during your stay in Myanmar, make it this one. In Myanmar, to be perfectly frank, there is not much else to do but to cook pasta, but every now and then you will find a particularly tasty dish.

You will be billed 20c according to which entry you use. When you only have one day in Yangon, this is a great place to see it.

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