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Expedited group tour through Thailand in 5 nights. chiang-maier cooking class. 3 classical thaiian cuisine. Visiting the Hmong Hill people and spending the night in the lodge/resort run by the town. This is Bangkok, the always tempting city.

Arrive at our hotels, where our Welcome Meetings will take place later in the evenings. Exciting drive on a tuk tuk to Wat Pho - the sanctuary of the lying Buddha and birth place of the classical Tai music.

The exploration of the town with the river gives a glimpse into the life of the city's inhabitants - the apparently wealthy and unbelievably well-off. When we have gone to Ayuthaya, we have supper and use the common rooms to refresh ourselves before we take the 1st-class A/C cabins to Chiang Mai.

Mae Rim. We reach the scenic town of Chiang Mai this mornings, embedded in the spurs of the North. First, we go to the impressive Doi Suthep Tempel, which is standing above the town. We take the opportunity to admire the silence of the singing Templar friars before we drive to the Baan Tong Luang Hill Tribes town.

There are four different Thai mountain peoples living in Baan Tong Luang - the Lahu, Hmong, White Karen and the Long neck-ed Karen - and we will have the chance to find out all about their lifestyles and traditions, see their folk costumes and buy craft. We' ll continue to Hmong Tribe Lodge, where we'll spend the night tonight.

You can take a stroll in the surroundings this evening to see some of the mountain towns close by. It has been in use for 30 years and works in synergy with the locals, providing a marvellous glimpse into the life of some of the smaller minorities in the Kingdom.

The Mae Rim - Chiang Rai - Chiang Mai. After an early morning we say goodbye to our family and head to Chiang Rai. We will have a midday rest after the visit to the sanctuary before embarking on the Kok River for a one hours long tail boating trip to Chiang Rai.

At Chiang Rai we stop at the town of Lahu, which is set in a luxuriant landscape and is home to the agricultural Lahu. We will then proceed on our trip to Ruammit which is the home of the Karen clan and has preserved its ancient civilization.

In Chiang Mai, after a short stopover, we will take the night off. You and your travel leader can give charity to the chaplains this mornings before you return to your hotels for breakfasts. Afterwards we will travel with a tradional trimshaw through the old town of Chiang Mai and visit famous churches within the fortifications.

Tonight for dinner we are learning to prepare 3 of the most famous Thailand meals, the ideal takeaway gift. Later in the day we take you to the Chiang Mai Nightsquare, an oasis of crafts and art. Since your excursion ends today in Chiang Mai, you can leave at any moment.

Overnight stay at the hotels is at 12.00 and if you stay longer you can book additional shelter. One overnight stay in Chiang Mai on the 5. floor. Reception, transfers to Chiang Mai International and flights to Bangkok, arrivals before 12.00 pm on 6. May. In case your connecting flights are from Suvarnabhumi International Airports, you will need to arrange a shuttle service to this destination on your return.

The vivacious and always vibrant Yi Peng Fest will take place in Chiang Mai on November 1, 2017. Stylishly combining classical Tyrolean styling with modern designs, Furama Silom is an exclusive and stylish boutique resort. Visit the Rama Restuarant for tasty Thailand and foreign food or stay for an night in the Silom Sky Bar - a beautiful rooftop swimming pools with a magnificent view of the town.

Nestled in the stunning Mae Rim mountain and paddy field, Hmong Lodge provides visitors with a great way to enjoy the Hmong tradition and stunning scenery. Hmong Lodge is just an hour's car ride from Chiang Mai and provides travelers with the ideal blend of elegance and convenience, offering them the possibility to explore the neighborhood.

Our rooms are wonderfully made of timber and decorated with Hmong ceilings. There is an outside swimming bath, spas and an open-air restuary. You can spend your day with locals and explore the breathtaking scenery, while the nights at the chalet can be packed with a barbeque and dinner outdoors, followed by Hmong dance-lessons.

Amora Chiang Mai near Tapae Gate is a contemporary building with many comforts. The rooms are furnished in the North Thai (Lanna) tradition with A/C, TV, minibar and room serv. There is also a fresh swimming bath, a gym and the Chili's eatery - with a tasty selection of Thai and world cuisines.

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