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Embassy of Oman

The Sultanate of the Embassy of Oman - Rome ("The Republic of Italy"). If you are visiting, studying, working or living in Oman. United Kingdom assistance and services in Oman. The visa section of the Consulate General of the Sultanate of Oman is now closed. The sultanate of the Embassy of Oman in Romania.

Attaché of culture of Oman - London

Our cultural attaché office in London strives to help those who want to learn in a fast moving global marketplace to be prepared for enrolment at the most prestigious colleges in their respective disciplines. It is our main goal to help these young people to gain the necessary know-how and abilities to support the advancement of our dear Oman and thus to reach the goals of their studies abroad.

Colleagues, after the congratulations, I am delighted to welcome you all to the various parts of Europe under the Sultanate of Oman's cultural mission in London. I and the Mission members are delighted to reassure you that we are all ready to assist, advise and assist you during your study to reach your pedagogical and scholarly goals in your various education facilities.

To be successful, you should behave constructively and adjust to a different culture. We are always there to help you adjust to your surrounding and are ready to do anything to broaden your experiences and smooth the way to the desired results.

I ask you once again to endow yourself with commendable behavior and good manners to defend your nation in the respectable and honorable way for which Omani people all over the globe are known, and to mirror the good reputation of our loved nation by taking part in students' initiatives in different towns and areas.

All the best to you for a pleasant journey and a prosperous studies to take part in the evolution of our dear Oman.

Oman UK Help and Service

Provides the ability to revoke a missing pass, reissue a pass and request an accident management paper. Travelling counseling included and how to get a wedding abroad. Contains health care accessibility, legalization of a medical record, list of attorneys and election abroad. Contains how to make taxes, draw a state pension and receive income taxes abroad.

Contains how to get remarried, lists of undertakers and how to record a childbirth abroad. Assistance for the surviving dependants after the deaths of a UK citizen in Oman. Contains investments and the establishment of a company in Great Britain and the operation in Oman. Contains contacts, opening times and consulate charges as well as additional information on our service.

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