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The Gillingham Mom and the Death of a Babysitter are mysterious.

36-year-old Lillian Oluk and two-year-old Lynne Elizabeth Mutumba were found at their home in Gillingham, Kent, on March 14, 2016. The deputy medical examiner for Mid-Kent and Medway announced an open sentence on their death in September 2016. Medway Safeguarding Children Board's serious case discussion has revealed: "In view of the many causes of distress and her socially isolated nature,[Ms. Oluk] was very resilient and determined.

SUMMARY found the fault of Ms. Oluks GP practices to inform the childrens healthcare crew of the family's arrival in the area was the most significant opportunity missed," John Drew, Medway Protecting Childrens Board Standing Chair, said: "There have been new rules for the enrollment of GPs to make sure that the data of kids coming from outside Medway are common with healthcare attendees and student nurses."

Ms Oluk came to the Uganda in 2009 after she left to avoid the HIV positives embargo. They were relegated to welfare and relocated to Gillingham, where she was accommodated by Croydon Borough Council. Croydon City Councilman Di Smith said: "In order to make sure that all suppliers are conscious of their responsibility to protect and that the new community is conscious of its needs as a needy familiy when moving, we have increased the provision of service to this needy customer group.

"This is possible, although there is no proof that the mother's psychological well being has worsened significantly in early 2016 and that she may have stopped nourishing herself and/or her newborn.

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