Old Town Cartagena

Cartagena Old Town

The old town of Cartagena is undoubtedly the main attraction, especially the city centre, which consists of the historic districts of El Centro and San Diego. Situated strategically on the Caribbean coast of the country, Old Cartagena was one of the most important ports of colonial Spain. Although Cartagena has recently undergone a revival, its core and soul remain historical sites of the old town. The main attraction of Cartagena is the historic old town, which is surrounded by the city wall.

There are 10 places of interest in the old town of Cartagena.

These are the 10 most important sites in the old town of Cartagena. The Plaza Bolivar with its shaded plaza and lines of banks is a great place to spend a few moments and enjoy the monuments and noises of the old town. One of the most exciting things to see are the regular dance performances on the course and dance to Colombia's folk coast band playing it.

The ZenĂș Gold Museum in Cartagena - situated directly on the beautiful Plaza Bolivar - is not only free to see, but also an interesting and ideal opportunity to get an insight into the old civilizations that once used to call this area Colombia-home. The ZenĂș Gold Museum is one of the best places in the Old Town if you are interested in Colombia and the country of Colombia.

Cartagena's Free Walking Tips is the best trip you can take from the Old Town. You' ll find out everything about the town' s extraordinary and intriguing story and discover many facts you may not have known about the so-called "jewel of the Indians".

So if you plan a trip to Cartagena, this should be it. Underneath the old town of Cartagena is the Bovedas Square, a beautiful small row of gift stores set up in the old Cartagena prisons. Not many places where you can buy memorabilia in an old holding tank, but in Cartagena.

Bourdon's favorite Cartagena place is easy one of the best places to have a good dinner in the old town (which is a great compliment because there are so many good places to eat in the city). Gethsemane is located outside the town centre, but is still part of the old town of Cartagena.

His pale colored colorfulness contrasts starkly with the splendour and glamor of the walled city, but has its own Czech aura. It is particularly famous for its outstanding road-work, and one of the best things in the old town is to walk through the alleys of Gethsemane and admire the fine mural paintings and crafts.

Gethsemane's main place is a beehive of action every evening of the working day as natives and travelers come to the paved place to dine, feast, dance and generally be cheerful. Gethsemane's ambience is typical: relaxed, Czech and much more relaxed and funny than the muggier town.

The Plaza Trinidad is the coldest place to have a cool drink in the old town of Cartagena in the evenings. The Cartagena Museo del Arte Moderno is one of the most intriguing and singular arts galleries in Colombia and houses works by artists such as Enrique Grau and Alejandro Obregon.

It' located on the just as amazing San Pedro Claver Square, so you can take out two flies with one wipe.

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