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Ancient Rangoon

Here you'll find reviews and tips from people like you on Old Rangoon Johns Island, South Carolina. Good parking is just a few steps from old Rangoon. My imagination, especially in Rangoon, the former capital, has always been deeply rooted in Burma. Replies for royals-from-old-rangoon crossword hint. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews for Old Rangoon in Johns Island, SC.

Walking through old Rangoon

Customs house, Strand Road. Without the fact that so many of the building were in a state of neglect; and those who did not have tender written Burma on the entire front, one would think that they had walked out of the Hanshom cabin into old Rangoon.

Most of the people in ancient Rangoon came from the subcontinent of India - Klings on the Coromandel coast, Muslims from Bangladesh, Sikhs, Parsis and Gujaratis. These galleries show two images of old Rangoon. First is a view of Rangoon Colony - where some of the most beautiful buildings in Victoria still stand on this side of London today.

That part of the walk is east of the Sule Pagoda, where these monuments of civil and government are located. Here the streets are still reminded of London - Strand Road, Bank Road, Merchant Road, Pansoedan Road (once Phayre Road); and the ambience is like Shanghai or Singapore. In the second part of the galery, multicultural and multi-religious Rangoon is presented.

Westerly of and around the Sule Pagoda, in Chinatown and Little India, the fearless hiker can find more than a decade of different places of cult for the many Yangon faiths and people. This is the bright yet bright yet whitish facade of the British Embassy, Strand Road. Buildings.

Romanic banisters of the Myanma Port Authority Buildings, Strand Road. Bookkeeper's office, on Strand Road and Pansoedan Road. Buildings, Strand Road. New courthouse, Strand Road. Ex-Bank of Bengalige Bank of Bengal Buildings, Strand Road und Sule Pagoda Road. The first private bank, Bank Street. Bank of India, Sule Pagoda Road.

The Chartered Bank of India, Australien und China Buildings, Pansoedan Road. Sofaers & Co's Buildings, Pansoedan Road and Merchant Road. Merchant Road buildings. OLLASMAN, immeuble de l'Oriental Life Assurance, rue Merchant. Merchant Road buildings. State Telegraph Office, Pansoedan Road. Renovated house. and Mahabandula Garden Street. Mahabandula Garden Street.

Sule Pagoda Road Central Fire Station. Bogyoke Aung San was murdered in the secretarial building, Bo Aung Kyaw Street. Thienphyu Road, government building. The Bogyoke Market, formerly Scotts Market, Bogyoke Aung San Road. The Sule Pagoda. At Immanuel Baptist Church, Mahabandoola Garden Street. Bo Aung Kyaw Street. Shedagon Pagoda Road.

Temple of Sri Sochi Vinayagar (1858), Via 24. Business buildings, right next to the Hindu temple on No. 24. Decorated facade of the Liao San Tao temple ?????, Latha Road. The facade is along Mahabandoola Road and downtown City. Mamsa Mosque minaret, 26th Avenue. Gusseiserne Architektur, Mahabandoola Road. Decorated Romanic architectural style of Shree Jain Schwetamber Murtipujak Temple, 28th St.

Thirtyth Street. Native indigenous Indians visit the Shri Kalima Temple, Konzedan Road. The Aga Khan Building, Ismaili Kyhanaqah, No 28. Street. Most likely the Sri Kamichi Temple on Bogyoke Aung San Road and Bo Sun Pet Street. Striking architectural style of the Islam building, Bo Soon Pet Street. A more Romanic architectural style, Bo Soon Pet Street.

Saint John's Church, Bo Soon Pet Street.

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