Old Capital of Burma

Burma's old capital

University of Yangon Department of Historical Studies. The former capital is a great introduction to local life in the Burmese countryside as you drive through many small villages amidst the ruins of Ava. Today, three capitals of Pyu are in a better state of preservation than the Mon cities. To a foreigner, Myanmar's history has been as suppressed as that of its people for half a century. In the course of history, this old capital has been plundered and rebuilt several times.

ancient capital of Burma - Innwa, Amarapura Traveller Review

Innwa (or Ava) was the capital of the Myanmar Empire for a while. At the same elevation, there is now a new road link for road haulage to the city of sagaing. It was so beautiful to pass through the villagers "mingguhlaba" and to share a beautiful hello! We had a tailback of bogies waiting for tourists for the regular trip through this part of the islands, with restricted means of travel (although they were described as missing cars, there were quite a few motorcycles and some cars).

It was a similar riding adventure to our Bagan but the riders we saw don't seem to be respecting their riding style (their investment). It was astonishing when the dazzled bangs and the car went straight into a puppy on the sidewalk at full throttle. When you walk here, please don't take the photograph of the chauffeur, choose your chauffeur with care and ask him to be friendly to your fringe and other animals while in the car.

The ride in the coach lasts about 30 minutes. The coach seems to be the only way to visit the town.

Full day Ancient Capitals of Myanmar tour from Mandalay

Myanmar's Old CapitalsToday Myanmar's capital is Naypyidaw, but over the course of the ages the "seat of power" for this land has undergone many changes. It is a chance to go back in history and see three of the old capital cities of Inwa, Sagaing and Amarapura. Collection from your Mandalay to Inwa at 8am, which together with Mandalay is probably the most renowned antique capital of Myanmar.

Continue to sagaing, renowned for its hundred of golden and golden palagodas that decorate the area. Visiting the most renowned sanctuary in the Soon U Ponya Shin Pagoda area, initially constructed in 1312, take a break for a hearty meal at the top of Legaing Mountain, with stunning panoramic view over all of Mandalay.

Amarapura, which means "City of Immortality", is the last stop of the tour, renowned for its U Bein dramatically impressive U-shaped viaduct, constructed around 1850 and considered the oldest and longest teak wooden viaduct in the worl. Discover the town and walk through this green Mandalay outskirts before watching the sun set and the last stop of the night to your accommodation.

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