Old Burmese Coins

Ancient Burmese coins

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Myanmar Coins

Others not yet mentioned here Click here to see all. It' my compilation of coins of the whole planet. Find pictures of coins from abroad, coins and other useful information for coins as well. A number of coins came from the mints, others from merchants and others from the coins sale.

There are some kept in binders, others with other coins. Most of these coins are sterling and some are bullion coins. The information is useful for gathering coins and cataloguing US dollar denominated coins and denominations.

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Burma MA Coin Stores

Myanmar25 Pyas 1991 unc *A23 KM58 magnetic. 184.0096.111,00 EURincl. tax, Burma today Myanmar5 Pyas 1987 un *21 KM51 FAO . 184,0093,111.00 EURincl. tax, Burma Myanmar1 Kyat 1975 un *20 KM47 FAO . 184.0091.111,45 EURincl. tax, Burma Myanmar50 Pyas 1991 un *24 KM59 FAO . 184.0088.110,60 EURincl. tax, Burma today Myanmar10 Pyas 1983 un *17 KM49 FAO .

184.0081.110,50 EURincl. tax, BurmaKyat (Rupie) 1852 Fine tint, VF+ Pagan 1846-1853.100,00 EURincl. tax, Myanmar25 Pyas 1991 unc A0023 / Reis / Zentralbank von Myanmar / E,K-galv. / KM.581,00 EURincl. tax, Myanmar1 Myanmar 1966 unc 0012 and A. value in wreath / Al / KM.380,50 EURincl. TVA, Myanmar50 Pyas 1991 un 0024 / riz / Central Bank of Myanmar / 24,6 mm / 5,7g / Al-Bro / KM.590,65 EURincl. TVA, Myanmar5 Pyas 1966 un 0013 / General Aung San / value in wreath / Al / KM.39

S. 131.00 EURincl. value-added tax, Myanmar1 Kyat 1975 unc 0020 / Rice / Bank of the Union of Myanmar / CN / KM.47 / S.201.50 EURincl. value-added tax, Myanmar10 Pyas 1983 unc 0017/ Rice / Bank of the Union of Myanmar / 20.42 mm / Al-Bro / KM.490.55 EURincl. value-added tax,

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