Ok Hotel Mawlamyine

Okay Hotel Mawlamyine

No, not at all okay, stay away! A bestseller in Mawlamyine! The food is a little more expensive, but the drinks are fine. Myanmar, Mon, Mawlamyine Hotel is in Myanmar. We have heard from others that the OK Hotel is also a good place, with very friendly staff.

OC Hotel

The OK Hotel is a great hotel with outstanding customer care in Mawlamyine. 30 rooms, all fully equipped with modern wood floors and crafts. Because we have outstanding amenities and amenities, our hotel has warm and cool waters, 24-hour power, many satellites, a dining room, a mini-bar and much more.

Okay okay hotel - Rating of okay hotel, Mawlamyine, Myanmar

I didn't really like my time here and I didn't recommend it if you were travelling alone. The next morning I asked to move into a large dorm with a bath, but the owner/manager acted as if they didn't have one (although another employee had already said that to me) and I ended up in a similarly depressed, albeit large, caseless room for $18 per room.

Doublerooms were looking good when I took a look at them, but I had the impression that when you're alone you're somewhere high.

No, not at all okay, don't go! - Assessment of OK Hotel, Mawlamyine, Myanmar

The OK Hotel is located directly on the water' s edge, just a footbridge crossing that takes people to Bilu Kyun and some other favourite islands. Afterwards we went on a 45 minute excursion to Bilu Kyun in Ogre Iceland, a 45 minute boat journey from the pier in Mawlamyine, as it was so close to the hotel.

It was a theft for only $35 a day. When you are susceptible to sound and like a belated falsehood, then maybe this is not the hotel for you.

Myanmar Mawlamyine - Cheap Hotels and Pensions

It is not so simple to find a place to stay and it is recommended to book well in advance because of the fact that Mawlamyine is much smaller and less frequented by people. Like all Myanmar accommodations, be aware that the standard is fairly simple and don't ask for much from Wi-Fi or AC when you stay in a cheap hotel or guest house.

However, what you can normally look forward to is a cordial welcome and a pleasant level of hospitality, which is one of the high points of any Myanmar lodging. Most of the accommodations in Mawlamyine are quite simple, but not too high. Whereas touristic areas like Bagan have made the most of the number of travelers to drive up hotel fares, so that in some cases you have to pay blackmailing fares for very simple establishments, this is not so much the case in Mawlamyine, and it is possible to collect rooms at relatively low fares, especially if you book in advanced or travel in the off-season.

Its promenade, along which the Strand Road passes, is the most lively and bustling part of the municipality and the most favourite accommodations are located in this area. It is a comfortable place to explore both the downtown area and the surrounding area, whether you are traveling on your own or touring to see more of Mawlamyine.

Affordable pensions and lodgings in this area, where you can find many other travelers, including Breeze Guesthouse and OK Hotel. Prepare for fairly old and simple furnishings, with simple rooms and not much comfort, but a welcoming ambience and a inexpensive sleep.

As a rule, Breeze Guesthouse is the most beloved of the two and has a nice and cosy room for about 40 USD if you can afford it, while you can count on about 8 USD for a simple room and 16 USD for a two-bedroom. The rooms are small and not necessarily cosy, but the owners are known for their friendliness and helpfulness.

The OK Hotel is known for its free Wi-Fi and the ground floor dining room, which offers inexpensive and tastes. Await a warm welcome and be willing to pay $12 for a lone, a little more costly but similar equipment. Even near the boardwalk a few roads back from the budgeting choices are a few mid-range inns.

One of the best are Sandalwood Hotel, which is a newer hotel and therefore much clean with newer amenities available. The price is about USD 35 for a twin room with A/C, but is between USD 20 and USD 40, according to the room types you select and the number of other persons in your group.

The Cinderella Hotel costs up to 40 USD for a twin room, but only 15 USD if you like to spend the night in a dormitory and is very convenient. It is known for well-equipped interior, welcoming personnel, cosy rooms and the adjoining restaurants. Here, too, breakfasts are provided and this is a favourite option for travelers who are not dependent on a limited budgets.

All in all, it should not be too hard to find adequate accommodation in Mawlamyine, although there are probably fewer than 20 guesthouses in the town as a whole, at least those that are promoted on-line, so if you don't want to take the chance to spend your free travel to find a room, it's definitely a good idea to book in advanced and be reasonably organized.

Burma Solo Travel - Should You Go? Burma Travel Insurance - Do You Need One? The journey between Yangon and Mawlamyine takes only six in two years.

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