Ogre Island

Ogre Island

When you go Gacha, but no remains, the Manic Islands are actually very easy with a good stack, but Berserkory will be a greater pain. Octagonal Island (Deadly) | Battle Cats Ciki The Ogre Island is a unique venue available on the 21 st of each calendar week and on the first night of the festival, once the performer has finished all previous crazed cat shows. After this phase, the real shape of the game is unlocked. In the beginning a Manic Island Cat is sent, with many Crocos as back.

Shortly thereafter 3 Manic Islands and a few more crops are sent. Then a Berserkory and 6 Manic Island Cats appear! The spawning frequency of the Manic Island Cat continues to rise after the death of Berserkory. From time to time Brollow is also sent in ever larger shafts to break your hopes into small chunks after an hours of fighting for the Grass Band.

Follow a similar approach to Fish Hell, but substitute the Crit Cats with Dread Pirate Catley or another powerful Anti-Red Cat. Greater DPS is needed against the harder islands. The use of three cats makes Berserkory more likely. Pile Crazed Dragon Cat, King Dragon Cat, Macho Legs Cat and Manic Macho Legs to defeat Berserkory faster.

They want to get 3-4 meat shields with Ururun Wolf and Pirate Cat's real shape and begin with spam and also bringing and continuing to spamm Bahamut. Don't wake Bahamut because he has little reach and will simply be dying. If Berserkory comes out, he'll be hit back a lot if you have enough pirate cats and Ururun Wolf, so it should be simple.

After Berserkory, the Manic Islands will take the players out of the way and stop Berserkory from generating shock waves. Players should use their most powerful cat to fill the other 5 seats. Mohican Cat (20+50), Eraser Cat (20+50), Manic Mohawk Cat (30), Manic Eraser Cat (30), Kirin Cat (30), Crazed Sexy Legs Cat (30), King Dragon Cat (20+50), Bath Cat (>30+3) Holy Valkyrie Cat (30), Ururun Cat (30).

CRAZZED CAT, CRACED crazzed cat, craced wall, Eraser Cat, Mohawk Cat, CRACED, DANCER Cat, Holy Valkyrie Cat, Bahamut Cat et Ururun Cat. et Necromancer), Sportswomen Cat (Maiden et Butterfly), Jiangshi Cat, Kasa Jizo (doit être hypermaxed), Shishalan Pasalan (près d'hypermax), AVAWakened Bahamut Cat, Holy Valkyrie Cat/Yukimura. The first crocodiles approach your basis, then spamming Jizo and Jiangshi.

It will help to stop the Manic Islands. If you have enough cash, place Bahamuth. That will help us get rid of Manic Island. When you reach the bottom, you should have enough Catleys and a few octopus on the front line. Octopus stops all Berserkory generated ripples and the pirate cat is safely stored and can repel Berserkory.

All Manic Islands are kept behind Berserkory because of Mitama's giant row of carrion and would be destroyed by their kittens. because Berserkory would be moved behind the basis. Not being a leader, he is not trapped between the grassroots and your kittens, which would be killing your kittens if Berserkory were free.

If you did everything right and your cat did a great deal of harm, brollows would not bruise your strength. Meanwhile, your remains and Bahamuth would be done loading. You' re in the right shape for crazy Fish! Models: Twin Mahawk twin tanks, Maniacs, Jizo, Seafarers, Cat Engine Mec2, The Angel Peaches and Lionheart.

Simply set up cash while you keep the Maniac Isle away from your basis, and be sure not to hit its basis too quickly because you need a full outworker. Use your troops and save some cash while holding the Berserk and Mani isles far from your bases. It' Maniac machine bones to get the crocodiles and boobies out.

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