Official name of Myanmar

Myanmar's official name

Myanma Naingngandaw short form: The Republic of Myanmar in short: She has also made a new name for places in the country, such as the former capital, from Rangoon to Yangon. However, the official name of the country in Burmese, Myanmar, has not changed. Rangoon city also became Yangon.

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Formal name Goverment: Typ: Nominal civil administration (since March 29, 2011, when the Burmese army passed power). January 3, 1974 (suspended since September 18, 1988, when the last regime took power). Myanmar has been under Burmese control since 1962. Ethnical groups: According to Myanmar's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are 8 major national races in Myanmar, all of which include different ethnical groups: the Kachin, the Kayah, the Kayin, the Chin, the Mon, the Bamar, the Rakhine and the Shan-the CIA World Factbook says are the ethnical groups:

Burmese; Myanmar is an association of 135 ethnical groups with their own language and dialect. Raw materials - Raw materials: CNG; gems incl. Java and Burmites; timber species; legumes and broadbean; seafood; travel; clothing; mineral, Myanmar in figures Myanmar important statistics. Between 1962 and 2011, the land was governed by a powerful army junt.

Its name was modified in 1989 by the reigning army regime, recognised by the United Nations. A number of governmental bodies, including Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and a large part of the people of Burma, do not recognise this name shift because they do not recognise the army rule.

In spite of multi-party ballots in 1990, in which the most important opponent won a crucial win, the army junta declined to surrender it. After a parliamentary vote in 2010, the army june was disbanded in 2011 and a civil administration was established. Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the National League for Democracy of Myanmar since April 2016, is the current councillor of state and has played an important part in the administration, but her impact is rather slack.

Parliaments building in Myanmar's capitol Naypyidaw. Since March 29, 2011, when the Burmese army passed control, the Burmese state has been governed by a nominal civil state. However, the army will retain significant powers in the administration and parliaments. March 2016 saw the first democratic election of the regime after more than fifty years of violent war.

Myanmar Myanmar Official Homepage of the Government. Myanmar State Department website with information about Myanmar and its external relationships. DiplomacyMyanmar Permanent Mission to the United Nations and other international organizations Geneva, Switzerland. Myanmar Consulate General in Hong Kong With information about Myanmar in English and Chinese.

Singapore Myanmar The Singapore Myanmar Mission also provides information about Myanmar. Myanmar's list of Myanmar's overseas operations. Embassies abroad Addresses in Myanmar Address list of embassies abroad Addresses in Myanmar. Providers of official stats about Myanmar. Myanmar political map. Myanmar and neighbouring lands with national and divisional frontiers, the city of Naypidaw, state and divisional headquarters, metropolitan areas, highways, railways and aerodromes.

Browseable maps and satellites of Myanmar. Browseable maps and satellites of Yangon. Browseable maps and satelite views of Myanmar's second town, Mandalay. Naypyidaw, Burma's new administration capitol, can be searched and viewed via satellites. Browseable map/satellite views of the Golden Pagoda and other sights in Yangon.

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